Paul Heyman to Wrestle Adam Pearce in Smackdown Main Event Tonight

Paul Heyman is known as one of the brightest minds in pro wrestling, but he's lesser known for his body. Nevertheless, Heyman will apparently wrestle Adam Pearce in the main of Smackdown tonight, a situation that developed as a result of the show's opening promo. Last week on Smackdown, Adam Pearce tricked Reigns into sighing a contract for a Last Man Standing match at the Royal Rumble only to fake a knee injury and put Kevin Owens in the match instead. This week, Reigns sought revenge.

Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman head to the ring on WWE Smackdown.
Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman head to the ring on WWE Smackdown.

Jude Terror is currently writing up Bleeding Cool's Smackdown recap — look, The Chadster doesn't like it any more than you do — but nevertheless, he recapped the events that set up the match:

Promo: Roman Reigns

Reigns and Heyman are really taking their time to get to the ring, a sure sign that Vince McMahon is still currently rewriting the script backstage and they've got to stall for time. Reigns soaks in the fake boos and piped-in "you suck" chant and finally, about 8 minutes into Smackdown, starts talking. Reigns calls Adam Pearce a "puss" and says he wrestles even when he's injured, just like WWE wants him to. "That son of a bitch," a geriatric billionaire can be heard shouting from backstage. Reigns mockingly implies that maybe he should skip the Royal Rumble because his back hurts.

Adam Pearce comes out before Reigns lays the groundwork for a workman's comp claim. He says things are out of control, but Reigns says it's Pearce that's out of control for that trick he pulled with Kevin Owens last week. He makes fun of Pearce some more, calling him a bitch, and Heyman laughs at Pearce. Pearce stands up to Heyman, prompting Reigns to order Heyman to take care of this because disrespecting Heyman is the same thing as disrespecting Roman.

Heyman says he isn't impotent (TMI, buddy). He's from New York, and he'll whoop Adam Pearce's ass. He challenges Pearce to a match in the main event on Smackdown tonight. Pearce accepts. Cole and Graves are totally flabbergasted by this, not seeing the twist coming from a mile away where Heyman is gonna claim he's injured and needs to be replaced by Reigns or Jey Uso.

So will Heyman actually wrestle tonight? The Chadster is rooting for him, especially reading between the lines to know that he is suffering from impotency issues. The Chadster too feels impotent when WWE does poorly in the ratings, so here's hoping Paul Heyman is a ratings draw. Check back at 10PM for a full report on the show.

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