Marco Ramirez and Jessica Henwick Roundtable Interview From San Diego Comic-Con

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Interview courtesy of Bleeding Cool's Kaitlyn Booth.

Another interview coming out of the Defenders cast and crew from San Diego Comic-Con is the roundtable interview with Defenders executive producer Marco Ramirez and Iron Fist star Jessica Henwick, AKA Colleen Wing, the Daughter of the Dragon.

One immediately noticeable thing about the interview is that Ramirez has a lot he wants to talk about, and Henwick is completely fine with him taking over. Ramirez starts fielding the questions from the first one onwards, even answering ones more specific to the character of Colleen Wing.

First question: how was making Defenders different from the others? Mr. Ramirez says that Netflix lets them pretty much tell the exact story they want to tell. However, he talks about how weird it was writing for it without even seeing Iron Fist or seeing Finn Jones or Jessica Henwick.

So how much did they decide to explain within the show for the people who haven't watched the other Marvel Netflix shows? In other words, can one just start with Defenders, or come straight to it from only one other show? Ramirez said that they approached it with that in mind, knowing that some people might just be starting with this or coming to it from Daredevil or Jessica Jones. Ramirez was interested in making it approachable to all these types of audiences. However, there won't be too much recapping.

Another question is in regards to the viral campaign to get the Daughters of the Dragon together for the show (which would be incredible). Henwick is allowed to talk more in this one. She nor Ramirez says a whole lot about this, but they do hint that it is likely in the cards, even if they don't get their own series.

Marco Ramirez and Jessica Henwick Roundtable Interview From San Diego Comic-Con

How will Defenders elevate the character of Colleen Wing? Henwick lets Ramirez handle this one. He discusses how the character growth of each person in these worlds continues into Defenders. He says little about Colleen specifically and mainly discusses how Defenders is a 1.5 or 2.5 season for each of the other shows.

Ramirez is asked about how this show continues to operate within the Avengers universe. Ramirez has an interesting comparison to make for this: if Avengers is the Beatles, then Defenders is the Ramones. That's an interesting way of putting it, and it seems apt for the discussion.

The final question asks about the color themes they used for each of the characters, i.e red for Daredevil, yellow for Luke Cage, and green for Iron Fist. Ramirez says this is very deliberate, and this was their way of introducing each character into another's world, and he refers to the flash of red into the blue-purple world when Matt walks into the "world" of Jessica Jones in the trailer.

Overall, the interview doesn't add too much. Ramirez seems really excited to talk about the series, which is nice since this is a guy who doesn't get in front of the camera much, but a lot of his answers do feel a bit prepared. Regardless, you should give it a watch just to see a talented creator who is very proud of his work. It is a shame that Jessica Henwick didn't get to talk much, though.

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