Rapper and Reactor Scru Face Jean: YouTube Creator Spotlight

Rapper Scru Face Jean has been publishing videos on his YouTube channel, Vlogbrothers, since 2016, but his currently remaining oldest upload is dated to August 24th, 2017. Here's a look at where he started, what his channel has to offer, and what he is doing now. Scru Face Jean's career in music and on YouTube, his platform of choice, evokes a line from J. Cole's "Middle Child.": "I'm dead in the middle of two generations/I'm little bro and big bro all at once."

Scru Face Jean still. Credit: SFJ's YouTube
Scru Face Jean still. Credit: SFJ's YouTube

This epitomizes Scru in many ways. There is a 90s/2000s-inspired flair to his raw, gruff delivery which focuses on punchlines and storytelling, which he marries with a mixture of classic and modern flows. Scru is a rapper's rapper, a well-rounded lyricist with the delivery that suggests influences that span decades. What's interesting about Scru is that he doesn't just, as many musicians do, use YouTube as a means to release music. Scru is a full-fledged YouTuber and is as successful a reactor as he is a musician. As his platform grows, his new content, as well as his reactions to other artists, seem to grow with equal intensity.

Scru is set apart, too, in his approach to the discussion of hip-hop culture on YouTube. There is a trend among other YouTube rappers to celebrate a specific kind of style that is out of vogue: the hyper-fast, wordy style often referred to as "lyrical miracle," where a lot of words are said but there is little content or substance to the lyrics. Scru often speaks on his platform about the hypocrisy and racism of people who produce that music using their platform to critique young rappers of color-producing more melodic hip-hop. There aren't many creators on YouTube as studied in the art of hip-hop as Scru, and he takes to his channel often to school his viewers with reactions that feel like hangouts with a brilliant, talented, opinionated friend.

The top five most viewed videos on Scru's channel include:

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