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Z2 Swoops In And Changes Its NYCC Panel Name To Hip-Hop And Comics
"UPDATE: @NY_Comic_Con has added a "When Hip Hop and Comics Collide" panel to their schedule This panel is presented by a publisher, and – despite the title – does not represent and is not affiliated with our 'Hip-Hop And Comics: Cultures Combining" programs and events PLEASE NOTE: this is a panel promoting a specific company,[...]
No Hip Hop & Comics At This Year's New York Comic Con
We unfortunately just can't make room for every great submission we receive, but there's something for everyone on this year's stacked New York Comic Con panel lineup." Better luck next year, Patrick? Concrete jungle where dreams are made of, there's nothing you can't do… except have a Hip Hop & Comics panel this year, it seems. [...]
Noctis: Australian Hip Hop Band Hilltop Hoods Debut their First Comic
Australian Hip Hop kings Hilltop Hoods have created Noctis, their first comic series with Scott Dooley and Tokyo 5 Creators Andrew Archer and Jeff Nice for a Science Fiction Story inspired by the classics Publisher Z2 Comics continues to define the relationship between music and comics, bringing together the comics industry's best talent with recording[...]
Hip Hop Superstar MURS Join’s Image/Skybound’s Excellence Kickstarter
We are overjoyed to bring you this incredible story as well as exclusive bonus content in a deluxe 296-page hardcover! With the campaign crossing the all-important $100,000 mark and aiming to become one of the top 25 most funded graphic novel campaigns on Kickstarter, it looks like they've recruited a new member to Team Excellence in[...]
Marvel's Hip Hop Variants to Appear on Actual Hip Hop Albums
As the snake that is the comic book industry continues to swallow its own tail, Universal Music Enterprises has announced plans to produce version of classic hip hop albums featuring the Marvel Comics variant covers produced for comic books which homaged classic hip hop album covers A union between the comic book industry and the[...]
Fantagraphics Debuts For San Diego Comic-Con In 2016 – Meat Cake, Hip-Hop And Cosplayers
As an added bonus, longtime Love and Rockets fans will recognize some beloved characters/actors portraying key players. Hip Hop Family Tree Book 4: 1984–1985 By Ed Piskor  Book 4 of the best selling series showcases: The rise of Def Jam records! The birth of Dr Dre's record career leading to Straight Outta Compton! Introducing new branches on the tree such[...]
Marvel Makes It Up To 10% Easier For Retailers To Order Hip Hop Covers
But with all the hype, it's a bit of a rigmarole for retailers to get copies, having to order 150% or 200% of another title for this title, and after which they can order Hip Hop variants on top. Well, Marvel has listened And, as announced at Baltimore Diamond Retail Summit, and reducing the qualifying numbers by[...]
How Young Terrorists Got A TATU 'Hip-Hop' Variant Cover
When Black Mask approached us about having our own private variant they mentioned that they wanted homage covers to classic hip hop albums I spent some time with Google and my own record collection but nothing really stuck My next move was to actually read the book After reading the sample pdf, I immediately thought[...]
All 13 Young Terrorists #1 Hip-Hop Retailer Exclusive Covers, From Black Mask
The book is about radical street politics and the sensibility really comes from hardcore hip hop, the book even opens with a Nas quote So we did the covers as an homage to the types of art that inspired it.  School lockers full of submachine guns Exploding burger shops Shootouts with cops Underground fight clubs and[...]
Tom Brevoort Promises Greater Diversity In Comic Creators At Marvel TBA
Official: Amazing Spider-Man #1 artwork by Mike Del Mundo (A Tribe Called Quest's Midnight Marauders) Back in January, Bleeding Cool ran a Swipe File on the then-novel Marvel Hip Hop variant covers based on the Run The Jewels cover art And how some other artists, such as Kenny Keil and Julian Lytle had created very similar pieces using[...]
Ed Piskor's Hip-Hop Family Tree To Go Monthly From Fantagraphics
The Hip-Hop Family Tree books from Ed Kiskor, telling a history of hip hop music through the imagery of comic books of the time has been a successful and critically acclaimed series of graphic novels. But now Fantagraphics are "uncollecting" the books into a monthly comic book series featuring new material, with thirteen issues already in[...]
Things To Do In Gosh Comics In London This Week
Tonight, Gosh Comics launched the new issue of Yours Days Are Numbers magazine with this Hip Hop Family Tree exclusive print, available from today for £15. Alongside the usual excellent comics coverage, there are interviews with Hip Hop luminaries such as Afrika Bambaattaa and Aspects All of that and it sports a fetching Ed Piskor cover to boot! with[...]
Free Comic Book Day Gets A Little More… Adult
Oopsie! Two Free Comic Book Day comics appear to be a little on the naughtier side than might have been expected. Both Ipso Facto from Automatic Pictures and Hip Hop Family Tree Two-In-One from Fantagraphics were both solicited as all-ages titles. But, whether due to language, nudity, subject matter or violence, they have now been reclassified[...]
Ra's Al Ghul – The FREE Hip Hop Concept Album
Sort of a Hip Hop Hippie who in times of frustration will easily empathize with the villain Ra's al Ghul I did a short 15-track, 32 minute album based on this, paying homage to the character's origins story, while shaping him into a character many would root for. Immediate download of 15-track album in your choice[...]
Where Hip Hop And Comics Cross, Criss Cross, And Jump Up
Camille Manhat writes for Bleeding Cool; On Saturday night in the midst of all the mania, feeling like herded cattle trapped in clustered chaos we heard someone scream , "Superman is black in the building!" A Hip Hop and comic collision resulting in the birth of a bad ass panel consisting of Darryl "DMC" McDaniels of[...]