Report: WWE Stopped Mickie James Match Because She Sold Too Well

Well, it took longer than I predicted last night, but the dirt sheets have finally gotten around to reporting a reason for that really weird ending to the Mickie James vs. Asuka match last night. If you're a regular reader of our weekly WWE Raw recap (and you ought to be — it's great), or if you're some kind of lunatic who actually spends three hours every Monday watching Raw on television, you know that the match was stopped while Mickie James was in the process of reversing an Asuka Lock into a pin attempt. After the stoppage, I and many viewers, if Twitter was any indication, were completely distracted for the rest of the show by trying to figure out what the hell just happened.

Well, according to PWInsider, what happened is that Mickie James is too good at her job, and she worked WWE management into a shoot, brother! According to their report, the planned finish for the match was indeed for James to tap out to the Asuka Lock, but not at the time it actually happened. However, James was doing so good a job selling the Asuka Lock that WWE management believed it and made the split-second decision to stop the match right away, conveying that decision to the referee, who made the awkward stoppage. That explains why Mickie looked so flabbergasted when the bell rang.

It wasn't just Mickie James who was annoyed about the finish, however. Fans recognize that WWE doesn't seem to treat Mickie James, a legend who can still go in the ring, as well as they do other legends. Even before last night's match against Asuka, fans knew simultaneously that Mickie and Asuka would put on a great match and that there was no chance in hell that Mickie was winning. That Mickie was completely cast aside for Asuka to move on to a feud with Zelina Vega, who has not won a single match on Raw in recent memory if ever and has spent most of her time on the main roster as a manager, immediately after the match wasn't surprising either. And the fact that WWE was caught off guard by how good Mickie James actually is at, you know, wrestling is yet another example of James not getting the respect she deserves.

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