Royal Rumble 2021 – WWE Hates Us So Of Course Roman Wins Over KO

The WWE Royal Rumble pay-per-view event took a bit of a break hot on the tail of Bianca Belair's impressive win in the women's Royal Rumble match with Miz and Morrison introducing themselves to Bad Bunny, hoping to use their stardom to pitch a partnership to the Grammy award-winning artist. Booker T, overhearing their insult field rant against him, put the fear of God into the two men as they walked away in what would most likely not be their only loss of the night.

Royal Rumble 2021 - WWE Hates Us So Of Course Roman Wins Over KO
Credit: WWE

The show's momentum continued the lull as the pre-game panel reviewed the women's Royal Rumble match, highlighting Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler. R-Truth interrupted the conversation only to lose his 24/7 Championship after receiving a well landed low blow from commentator Peter Rosenberg. It seemed that the theme for the Royal Rumble would be R-Truth continuously losing his title and having to scramble around backstage and ringside to win it back.

Finally, the show picked back up with the Kevin Owens and Roman Reigns match. The two men have been going head-to-head for some now, with tricky card changes between Adam Pearce and Paul Heyman, ultimately resulting in the night's Last Man Standing Match. Anything goes in fights like these, which will only end once one of the two is unable to get back up after a ten count.

Crowd favorite Kevin Owens entered the arena first, where announcers noted that he fights for his family, whereas Reigns uses his family to fight. Reigns followed his entrance accompanied by Paul Heyman as usual, with his Universal Championship belt in hand and lauded with thunderous boos from the virtual crowd. Reigns has tried to used intimidation to get over on Kevin Owens, who seems to be one of the few men in the WWE who can take these egomaniacs and put them in their place (as seen with his amazing feud against Seth Rollins last year).

As soon as the bell rang in the third Royal Rumble match of the night, the two men met in the middle of the ring and immediately threw haymakers. Roman got KO down first with a superman punch, but Owens got back to his feet quickly enough and caught his opponent in a pop-up powerbomb. These offensive strikes brought the men outside of the ring, with each of them trading smashes equally until Reigns got his hands on the metal stairs, raining a flurry of slams against Owens. Kevin blocked Reigns eventually, using the stairs against him and not letting his momentum gets lost as he retrieved the steps himself. The fight led up with the virtual audience's platform, where Reigns chopped and slapped Owens with a steel chair in a punishing attack. Climbing even further to the virtual audience's second-highest tier, Reigns was met with the same jabs and chops with a steel chair that he forced Kevin to endure further. Owens hoped that by targeting Roman's legs, he would force the current champion into a position where he would not be able to get back up. Reigns would not be put down, however, and wielded a chair of his own to defend against KO.

Kevin pulled off a stunner against Roman, who teetered dangerously close to the edge of the platform, but Roman's superman punch managed to get him the upper hand against KO, who was promptly launched off the audience platform. Kevin was down for a nine-count, nearly costing his elimination in the match, but he struggled to his feet enough to stop the official from calling the match. He retreated backstage, still struggling to regain his composure and stay on his feet as the official followed him to remind him that he would have to be able to defend himself to stay in the match. This distraction was enough for Roman to COME OUT OF NOWHERE WITH A GOLF CART and run Kevin down, who was only down with only one second to spare yet again. The count would reset again and again, with Roman taunting Kevin who got enough gas in the tank to launch a tirade of insults and punches against the so-called Head of the Table. Fueled by the hatred and disdain of the reigning champ, KO slammed Roman into a table before throwing himself onto the man and breaking the entire platform from its foundation.

Unable to keep his legs underneath himself consistently, KO watched as Roman struggled to get to his feet, waiting for the ninth count to hit the man with a steel ladder. As Roman struggled to gain his composure, KO retrieved a forklift and raised its platform to the highest available level, and swanton bombed directly into his opponent's torso. A bloody Roman attempted to gather himself and get away from KO, who taunted the man about bleeding tribal blood.

Kevin made a huge mistake in allowing Roman to get to his feet, however, and caught a superman punch to the face for his decelerated decision. Quickly spearing KO through the back of the stage, the momentum of the match went back into Roman's favor, who then managed to bring some handcuffs into the fight. A well-timed stunner got Kevin the upper hand with the cuffs, however, and he nearly ended the fight by locking Roman in low enough to the ground to start the count from the official.

Just before, it seemed as if the match was over as Reigns reached up and slammed the official into the steel pillar before he could finish his count. Kevin tried to get at Reigns but was foiled by a low blow, a move that he would not recover from for the entire rest of the match. Enter Paul Heyman, who rushed to his fighter's aid and picked the lock as a new official entered the arena to manage the counts. Kevin was still too discombobulated by the low blow, and Reigns had enough time to put KO into a devastating guillotine and ended the match by choking his opponent out.

Reigns left the Royal Rumble match the way he entered it, to the roaring disdain of the crowd, yet again proving that he can't finish a fight without someone stepping in to help him.

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