Saturday Night Live Succeeds Because Kate McKinnon is SNL's MVP

Unless you've been living under a super large rock (like in a cave without any pop culture, possibly in the past), you're familiar with a little show called SNL. As you're familiar with the show, you're familiar with the current cast, which currently includes the amazing comedic stylings of Pete Davidson, Keenan Thompson, Michael Che, "Mr. Scar-Jo," and of course, everyone's favorite, Kate McKinnon. Yes, they're all fantastic, but today is all in praise of Kate McKinnon. Maybe next week I'll write a list of why Pete Davidson is also the best. But, pressing on: here are five main reasons why Kate McKinnon is the best to hit Saturday Night Live in a long time.

Saturday Night Live star Kate McKinnon (Image: NBCU)
Saturday Night Live star Kate McKinnon (Image: NBCU)

LBGTQ Representation. Fun fact: she's the second "out" cast member (behind Terry Sweeney) on SNL and the first openly gay woman. But the first sketch comedy show she was a cast member of was not SNL, but LOGO's Big Gay Sketch Show. Spoiler: McKinnon is an out and proud lesbian (in case you didn't know), and I absolutely love and appreciate how it frequently factors into her art and performances. Holtzmann, her character in Ghostbusters, set the internet aflame with her "big bisexual energy" and it's perfect. But this is a respectful article, not a thirst piece. Suffice it to say, she's an A+ representation and unapologetically herself, always.

She never takes things too seriously, even when she has her serious face on. Yes, she's also a serious dramatic actor, but I'm specifically talking about comedy in this instance. The best example of this is her TikTok with the real Elizabeth Warren or any time she does her RBG impersonation. Yes, she's a professional but she still makes things fun – and it shows.

She and her cat-son are relationship goals. Yes, Katy Perry and her cat Kitty Purry (RIP) had our hearts, but have you seen the "SNL@Home"  sketch with Kate and her son (who is a cat), Nino Positano? The way her face lights up when she talks about her cat is amazing and I am in love with all of it. Also, he weighs 17 pounds because she rescued him from a pizza shop where he ate all the crusts – a cat after my own heart.

Her comedic stylings are genius. It isn't crass, but it's still a little dirty, witty, and above all, genuine. Seriously, this is a big thing – it's increasingly rare to have in the spotlight a female comic who walks the fine line between humor, wit, physical comedy, and dirtiness. Kate is the whole package- for children of all ages? No, wait, that's the circus. She's still great though, albeit without the big top.

Kate McKinnon is genuine. In fact, when she breaks in a sketch, it's not annoying (like some other former cast members turned late-night hosts) – it's because the situation is genuinely hilarious, and we're all laughing along – it's not like watching someone crack up at an inside joke. Case in point, her recent "Weekend Update" turn as Dr. Wenowdis. Was that break scripted? Perhaps, but the "Kate, are you okay? – I'm obviously not." exchange between her and Colin Jost got the biggest laugh of anything in that whole segment. Why? Because she radiates the truth. And the truth is that there are several things we know, but "why is Kate McKinnion so funny?" – dis we don't know. And that's okay because we can just accept that she's hilarious and I light a candle to patron saint RBG every night and pray to the comedy gods that her career and life is long and fulfilling.

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