Scott Hall No-Shows Twitter After Boob Job Altercation

In a callback to his WCW days, Scott Hall no-showed Twitter Tuesday morning, forcing the social media service to change plans for a big blow-off between Hall and Ring of Honor star Session Moth Martina after the two built up their feud Monday in a contentious Twitter exchange. The move is highly disappointing for fans who were expecting a bigger confrontation between the two after Martina called out Hall for failing to pay for a promised boob job, prompting Hall to fire back.

Martina tweeted, "He once offered to buy me a boob job on Twitter but never followed through," following it up with a sad-eyes emoji. Less than twenty minutes later, Hall replied, "You need a personality transplant, you dumb bitch." The news made headlines across the wrestling blogosphere, and it also received a lot of attention on Twitter, with fans taking sides over who won the dispute. But now, we may never get a resolution.

Scott Hall's Twitter account now displays a message claiming the user no longer exists, which is what happens when an account has been deactivated. It's unclear if Hall quit the service after disagreeing with his booking in this feud, or if Diamond Dallas Page dragged the Hall-of-Famer by his ear back to the DDP Yoga compound for reconditioning. Maybe it's just that Hall goes wherever he wants whenever he wants. Twitter users have 30 days after deactivating their account to return to the service or the username will be freed up for others to use. Martina, for her part, has been on a victory lap, retweeting fans who say she won the battle.

The official logo of the WWE.
The official logo of the WWE.

It's unclear whether Twitter will be able to find a replacement for Hall, though there's no shortage of curmudgeonly wrestling legends on the social media service who would be happy to jump into a high profile feud with an up-and-coming star. What's Jim Cornette up to this week?

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