Fanboy Wrampage: Scott Hall vs. Session Moth Martina Over Odd Offer

A lot of people place blame for the fall of WCW on older stars refusing to step aside for the new generation, but WWE Hall-of-Famer Scott Hall has no problem feuding with younger talent. In this case, it's twenty-nine-year-old Ring of Honor wrestler Session Moth Martina, and by feuding we mean calling her a "dumb bitch" on Twitter.

What caused the former Razor Ramon to curse out Martina on Twitter? Well, it started innocently enough, as wrestling goes, when Martina responded to a post asking what people think when they think of Scott Hall. She said, "He once offered to buy me a boob job on Twitter but never followed through," following it up with a sad-eyes emoji. Less than twenty minutes later, Hall replied, "You need a personality transplant, you dumb bitch." No emojis were added to that one.

Full Match: Viper vs. Martina for the ICW Women's Championship, courtesy of ICW.
Full Match: Viper vs. Martina for the ICW Women's Championship, courtesy of ICW.

The exchange raises a lot of questions. Did Scott Hall promise to buy Martina a boob job? If so, why didn't he follow through? And if he didn't, then why was he so offended by the tweet? And how did he find out about the tweet so quickly? He wasn't tagged in either that post or the one she replied to. Did someone snitch? Was this brief Twitter feud more interesting than last night's entire 3-hour edition of WWE Monday Night Raw?

We only know the answer to one of those questions. And it's the last one. And the answer is: obviously yes.

In any case, Martina seemed relatively unphased by the tweet, commenting, "HAHAHA ouchie momma #fanciesmartina." And that was that for now, though there's no telling when Hall might decide to respond again. We hope he does because there's probably money to be made from this feud. Money that could possibly pay for someone's boob job? Perhaps.

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