Shannara Chronicles Season 2: Bandon Makes His Play For The Warlock Lord's Skull

We have a second clip for this week's double-shot of the Shannara Chronicles. This is also from episode 5 of Season 2 (as was yesterday's clip) and we see a very important scene. Since the series is moving at such a faster pace, there really aren't many scenes that aren't full of spoilers. Read no further if you want to avoid spoilers.

Shannara Chronicles

The clip shows Allanon (Manu Bennett) and Wil Ohmsford (Austin Butler) meeting Bandon (Marcus Vanko) at Paranor. They are there to exchange the skull of the Warlock Lord for Wil's uncle Flick (Mark Mitchinson). Bandon cheats, cuts Flick before returning him, infecting him with a contagion that only he has a cure for. Allanon gives in and summons the skull, but it's a trick. Mareth (Malese Jow) uses her illusion powers to make it appear the skull is there, and then she and Allanon trap Bandon — along with the Druid — in a force field. Wil is angry, because his uncle is still dying.

This is the first episode of two being aired tomorrow night. While this one is called Paranor, the place where Allanon hid the Warlock Lord's skull, the second one is titled Crimson, the name of the group of rogue elves lead by General Riga, who are going around and killing anyone who uses magic.

The Shannara Chronicles airs Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET with a second episode to follow on Spike.

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