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So Gina Carano Wants Whoopi Goldberg Fired from The Mandalorian, Too?

So what does ex-The Mandalorian cast member Gina Carano have to do with recently-suspended The View host Whoopi Goldberg? Apparently, a combination of false equivalency and an inability to move on was just too much for Carano to handle so she took to Twitter to claim… well, you know what? Let's hit the brakes and get you caught up to speed. It was announced late Tuesday evening by ABC News President Kim Godwin that Goldberg was being suspended from The View for two weeks based on Goldberg's comments during an on-air discussion. Calling the host's words "wrong and hurtful," Godwin's move came after Goldberg claimed during a discussion about right-wing whackjobs removing the award-winning graphic novel Maus from schools that the Holocaust was "not about race"- a claim that social media and organizations like the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) pushed back on strongly. And though Goldberg would issue an apology, her appearance on CBS' The Late Show With Stephen Colbert did more to muddy the waters of her apology than strengthen it.

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Well, as far as Carano is concerned, those two weeks were just another example of the "double standards" that exist. And this is where it gets pretty confusing but it looks like Carano is demanding that Goldberg be fired from The Mandalorian. Except that Goldberg doesn't star in The Mandalorian. We looked. We promise. Checked IMDb and everything. She played Guinan on Star Trek: The Next Generation, in some of the films, and in the upcoming second season of Star Trek: Picard. But nothing for "Mando." So based on Carano's past track record when it comes to deep thoughts and logical thinking, we can only assume that Carano's demanding that "The Mouse" (A) get Goldberg fired from Picard; (b) get Goldberg hired on The Mandalorian; (C) let Goldberg get comfortable in her role for a season; (D) fire Goldberg. Because "privilege" means never having to say you're sorry… seeing yourself as the perpetual victim while calling other "snowflakes"… and truly believing that comparing yourself to the victims of the Holocaust is the same as Goldberg's f**k-up. Here's a look at Carano's tweet expressing her seven-word outrage, followed by a look back on our part to remind everyone how Carano got herself (time to take personal responsibility, Gina) into this mess:

So back in May 2021, an article in Variety noted Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy's update on Rangers of the New Republic: "not currently in active development." Now "not currently in active development" didn't mean the project was dead since the narrative direction of the series was never officially confirmed. But then November came around and Kennedy seemingly put the final nail in the coffin with an update revealing that the work that was done on "Rangers" was not going to waste. "We'd never written any scripts or anything on that. Some of that will figure into future episodes, I'm sure, of the next iteration of 'The Mandalorian'," Kennedy said during an interview with Empire.

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Of course, Carano getting booted from Lucasfilm and Disney+'s original "Star Wars" spinoff series earlier that year after months of controversial social media posts continued angering the "Star Wars" universe had a lot to do with that. It culminated in an Instagram Stories post where Carano supported comparing the "persecution" that she believes conservatives were enduring (especially with the COVID PANDEMIC) with Jewish people in Nazi Germany. Check out a screencap of the image Carano posted above that was apparently the final straw for the streaming service- one of the expressions of free thought Carano stated she wouldn't back down from if she was going to "stay true" to herself… before taking it down (we made out thoughts know on all of this here, here, here, here, and here).

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