Something of Consequence to Actually Happen on Smackdown Next Week

In booking a Universal Championship match between Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan on WWE Smackdown this week, WWE ensured that, for the first time in a long time, something of consequence will happen during next week's show. Either Daniel Bryan will defeat Reigns and win the Smackdown Championship, or he'll be sent packing to a place worse than hell itself: WWE Raw.

Pretty much the entire episode of Smackdown was focused on setting up this match, showing how much work is required for WWE to book something that actually matters. The entire opening promo/match/promo that started the show lasted for forty-five minutes and served the singular purpose of setting up a challenge from Cesaro to Reigns for the show's main event segment. But in a twist, Bryan did most of the talking on behalf of Cesaro, riling up The Big Dog in the process. So when Reigns came out to answer Cesaro's challenge at the end of Smackdown, it wasn't a match with Cesaro he wanted; it was one with Bryan. After Cesaro gave his blessing, Reigns revealed the stipulation: if Bryan loses, he leaves Smackdown and gets out of the Tribal Chief's site for good.

Roman Reigns will see you and Daniel Bryan next week on WWE Smackdown
Roman Reigns will see you and Daniel Bryan next week on WWE Smackdown

On, a press release makes things official:

The Head of the Table makes the rules, and Daniel Bryan is ready to play the game.

Roman Reigns shrugged off Cesaro on SmackDown and laid out a Universal Title opportunity for The Leader of the "Yes!" Movement. The challenge came with one catch: If Bryan loses, he'll be banished from SmackDown.

Bryan nearly pulled off another shocking WrestleMania moment in his storied career, but Reigns' stack 'em up spoiler proved true as the curtain closed on The Showcase of the Immortals.

Will Bryan defy the odds this time, as he battles Reigns for the Universal Title and his career?

Don't miss the high-stakes showdown next Friday at 8/7 C on FOX!

Now, the only thing left is to wait and see how WWE will somehow underdeliver on the promise of this match next week on WWE Smackdown.

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