The Great North S01E05 Had Us Stepping Back & Relaxing: Review

The fifth episode of The Great North on FOX took a look at the theme of both opportunity and how our passions can sometimes come out in the worst ways. When Beef Tobin looks to a future curling competition for an amateur league, he reluctantly looks to his daughter Judy. Judy's past history with intense competitive fury has not only Beef on edge but the other teammates as well.

The Great North Ep 5 Had Us Take A Step Back And Relax: Review
Beef and Judy take a moment to talk. Source: Fox

It becomes an interesting lesson for the characters and the audience on how not dealing with how we face certain outward reactions can become a great barrier for us like it became for Judy until she took a deeper look at how she was acting. On the other hand, the other story a part of this recent The Great North episode showed how not everyone shares the same level of passion for something we might and that's not on us.

When Wolf takes control of the fishing boat with Honeybee, Moon, and Ham while Beef is curling with Judy, hopes for a tour-like atmosphere becomes the opposite of what Wolf hoped for. Wolf's passion for the ocean sunset and the general environment around where he lives isn't appreciated the same way by tourists he and his family partners try to make a reality. All the right things can happen, including a rare animal sighting combined with a beautiful sunset at the right time, but that doesn't guarantee someone will react the same way as you. We get to see a hopeful and dedicated side of Wolf that has to realize his own boundaries before his expectations become frustrations. The settings and general character direction of the series have shown to be promising, any problem that comes up tends to be with the timing of jokes within larger sets of dialogue especially with Beef Tobin. Other than that, there's a great spot for The Great North in FOX's "Animation Domination" lineup for years to come.

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