The Great North Season 1 Review: A Blizzard Crashes Tobin Family Game

The recent episode of The Great North on FOX witnessed a game night for the Tobins goes awry when a blizzard makes its way into town. While Beef experiences the beginnings of a cold, Wolf and Honeybee attempt to travel from the guest house with their liquor and 14 layer dip treats. The storm gets so bad that they get stuck halfway between the main house and their home. Beef attempts a hero-like journey in an attempt to find his son and daughter-in-law, but the meds get him seeing things…specifically a talking snowflake with arms and legs.

The Great North Tobin Family Game Night Meets A Blizzard: Review
Judy and Ham prepare snacks for game night. Source: FOX

The snowflake eventually has a family alongside it which makes the whole scenario even more hilarious. Beef's fears of losing connection to his children as they grow older are something many parents can relate to, especially single parents.

Some favorite moments from this episode of The Great North involve excellent writing, specifically the lines of dialogue between Wolf and those around him and the imaginary snowflake family. It's also fun to see the unique situation of the setting of the series become a part of the story and character development. Beef's fears become calmed towards the end because he's honest about discussing these things with his family. Miscommunication can become the downfall of relationships and it could have happened between this family, but they put a stop to it ahead of time. This one may not be a favorite of mine for the first season of The Great North, but it displays what the show does really well, and it's the odd and absurd characters like the snowflakes or bigfoot. I'm excited for future episodes that include this type of material, it helps The Great North have a signature as an adult animated series.

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