The Great North Season 1 Sneak Preview Goes Ham On Cake: Review

The second episode of FOX's The Great North gave audiences a look at the character of Ham from the Tobin family as he struggles with a big task. The push to impress has taken over many of the Tobin family members in "Feast of Not People Adventure" but the ultimate moment relies upon Ham's baking skills. This round of The Great North, although doing well in establishing the personality traits of various main characters, misses and hits comedic high points throughout the episode. Portions of the dialogue remain hilarious, from the Donner Party references to Wolf Tobin's struggle with impressing his father for a competition- but then some fall flat and felt forced. I loved the first episode preview and look forward to the series finding itself as it goes, but there wasn't too much for me to attach to here.

The Great North
Ham finds a lack of inspiration for baking. Source: FOX

There's plenty of opportunities for The Great North to get more comfortable and let loose when it comes to the style of comedy it wants to go with. With the two previews before the series' premiere on February 14th, there's a conflicting sense of what type of show we'll end up getting. I'm hoping for the comedic high points from both episodes mixed with the heart from the first. It was a great surprise to get more from Ham Tobin and see his character more involved in the narrative. Going forward, I'm hoping for a slow, steady expansion of the show's universe as a whole. The two sneak previews have given us unique characters to love going forward, but it's up to the writing and plot development to keep that connection with the characters going.

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