The Kingdom Exodus: Lars von Trier Cult Series Hits MUBI in November

Lars Von Trier's cult horror-comedy TV series The Kingdom is returning – The Kingdom Exodus, nearly twenty years since its second season ended on an "ALL HELL IS ABOUT TO BREAK LOOSE!!!" cliffhanger in 1997. In an interesting parallel with David Lynch's Twin Peaks: The Return, which also returned decades after its second season, The Kingdom Exodus will be the series' third and final season, premiering on MUBI on November 27th.

The Kingdom Exodus: Lars von Trier Cult Series Hits MUBI in November
"The Kingdom Exodus" still courtesy of Zentropa, MUBI

The Kingdom Exodus once again centering around the wacky, sometimes outright weird, staff and patients of the neurosurgical ward of a Copenhagen hospital. The series is a raucous satirical state-of-the-nation allegory about the nation of Denmark and also a spoof of the cultural rivalry between Denmark and Sweden.

After its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival and a showing at the Toronto International Film Festival, The Kingdom Exodus will drop exclusively on the streaming platform on a weekly basis after MUBI premieres the 1990s original Seasons 1 and 2 of The Kingdom, newly restored so audiences can catch up, and newcomers can discover the show for the first time.

The Kingdom Exodus builds on and finishes the series' plotlines centered on weird and supernatural phenomena at the Kingdom hospital: corpse mutilation, a Greek chorus of Downs Syndrome dishwashers, ghosts in the halls, a doctor rapidly giving birth to a full-sized and screaming Udo Kier at the end of the second season among them. Of course, Udo Kier would be born screaming. It's Udo Kier.

"The Kingdom Exodus continues and finishes Lars von Trier's internationally acclaimed 1990s cult series classic – the ghost story about the hospital built on top of the old bleaching ponds in Copenhagen, where evil has taken roots and medical science faces a daily struggle with itself. In this final installment, sleepwalker Karen will seek answers to the unresolved questions of the series in order to save the hospital from doom. Sound asleep one night, Karen wanders into the darkness and inexplicably ends up in front of the hospital. The gate to the Kingdom is opening once more…"

Von Trier announced his Parkinson's diagnosis earlier this year at the Cannes Film Festival but vowed he would continue to work on The Kingdom Exodus to make sure it was completed. "Lars is in good spirits and is being treated for his symptoms — and given treatment so he can complete Riget Exodus," a statement from von Trier's reps said at the time. "The illness means that Lars will only take part in interviews to a limited extent until the premiere later in the year."

The Kingdom Exodus features an all-new cast, including Lars Mikkelsen, Mikael Persbrandt, Nikolaj Lie Kaas, Tuva Novotny, and Alexander Skarsgård. "Chernobyl" actor David Dencik guest stars. Niels Vorsel returns to co-write the new season with von Trier, as he did on the show's previous two seasons. As a treat to fans, production company Zentropa has restored seasons one and two of The Kingdom, with all-new restorations of both series streaming on MUBI before "Exodus" premieres in exclusive director's cuts. The Kingdom I premieres on MUBI on November 13, and The Kingdom II premieres on November 20.

The full rollout schedule for the series on MUBI is as follows:

The Kingdom I – November 13

Episode 1: "Unheavenly Host"
Episode 2: "Thy Kingdom Come"
Episode 3: "A Foreign Body"
Episode 4: "The Living Dead"

The Kingdom II – November 20

Episode 5: "Mors in Tabula"
Episode 6: "Birds of Passage"
Episode 7: "Gargantua"
Episode 8: "Pandæmonium"

The Kingdom Exodus

Episode 9: "Halmar" – November 27
Episode 10: "The Congress Dances" – December 4
Episode 11: "Big Brother" – December 11
Episode 12: "Barbarossa" – December 18
Episode 13: "Exodus" – December 25

MUBI is a streaming service specializing in international, indie and arthouse movies outside of the Hollywood norm. It complements The Criterion Channel in offering the latest new releases in World Cinema on a rolling basis and is well worth your time.

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