The WWE Draft Is Set To Include Many NXT Names Being Called Up

It's time to shake things up again as one of WWE's biggest annual events, the WWE Draft, is going to get rolling on this Friday's SmackDown.  The WWE Draft will occur over two nights, starting on Friday and concluding on the following Monday with Raw and will serve to set the table for the next year by establishing which talent will be on which show.  But while it's Raw and SmackDown that will reap the benefits of the WWE Draft, it's WWE's Tuesday night show, NXT 2.0, that might be supplying the most attention-grabbing names in this year's wrestler grab bag.

The WWE Draft Is Set To Include Many NXT Names Being Called Up
The 2021 WWE Draft will kick off this Friday on SmackDown and is reportedly set to include many NXT talents, courtesy of WWE.

Numerous NXT wrestlers have made the jump to the main roster through the WWE Draft in years past and reportedly this year will be no different.  According to Dave Meltzer on today's Wrestling Observer Radio, the WWE Draft this year will include "many" NXT names making the move to the big time on Raw or SmackDown, though, like any plans in WWE, nothing is concrete and may change the day of.

Here's what Uncle Dave had to say in detail on the matter (credit to for the quote):

"From what I was told today, USA and FOX do know a few things, like the key guys. So the key guys are decided. Nothing else is decided, everything can change.

Right now, NXT is supposed to be – there's supposed to be people drafted from NXT to freshen up both brands. The person who told me that also said, 'This can also change completely tomorrow', but they're under the impression there will many people from NXT, and the NXT guys are supposed to be a significant part of it."
So it seems as of right now, management has big plans for some NXT talent in this coming Friday and Monday's WWE Draft, but as we all know all too well, things in WWE change with the hour and Vince McMahon might want to mix things up even further right before showtime.
The only way to know how it'll all turn out is to catch the 2021 WWE Draft on SmackDown on Fox this Friday night and Raw on the USA Network this Monday.

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