Twin Peaks, HIMYM, Dragonball Z & More: Our Top 5 Regift List Series

Moving into the Holiday Spirit and the giving season, I want to make it clear I will forever be thankful to the TV Gods for the gift of television. Without TV I would not have had access to many of the things that have, ultimately, made me who I am. First and foremost: I would not have had access to Cardcaptor Sakura and Digimon, which have been incredibly influential in my life. Same with the movie Fantasia– I was not born in the 40s, so it was thanks to TV I had access to one of my earliest Disney inspirations. That said, I am also thankful for some TV bullets I have dodged over the years and some I wish I could put a big bow on and regift to some other unexpecting soul (no judgments): Twin Peaks, How I Met Your Mother, Dragonball Z, Sword Art Online, and Darling in the Franxx.

How I Met Your Mother, Twin Peaks, Dragon Ball Z, and more shows we would gladly regift (Images: ViacomCBS/screencaps/ABC)
How I Met Your Mother, Twin Peaks, Dragon Ball Z, and more shows we would gladly regift (Images: ViacomCBS/screencaps/ABC)

Here is a mix of a little bit of both- and yes, I realize just how random this list is. That's usually how the regifting box in my house looks:

"Dragon Ball Z": Not the new one, but parts of the old one. I mean, I think we can all agree that some battles were insanely long. What was it for Goku vs. Frieza? 1000000 episodes for 5 minutes of the battle itself? Okay, I might be exaggerating, but the battles with Buu, Frieza, and Cell traumatized me and now when I watch an anime and the battle takes longer than two episodes I start having bad flashbacks and considering if it will be worth it.

"Sword Art Online": This is a show I went into with really high hopes due to the beautiful art, but man, I was not able to get into a single episode of it. I cannot even tell you it sucked because my attention would wander every-single-where other than the show whenever it is on. So it is a hard pass.

"Darling in the Franxx": Wow, this one was beautiful animation and beautiful art, but WOW the rollercoaster it became. It went from keeping me watching from interest to just needing to know where the train-wreck led to. I get a headache event remembering. I wish they could pull off a Fullmetal Alchemist and redo-slash-change some things.

"Twin Peaks": Let me say, I got into a show when I was pretty down one year and it rose right to the top along with Harry Potter. I was pretty excited for its return and really looked forward to a resolution. What a disappointing jerk-fest it was. Cry me a damn river and do not event @ me, it felt like a slap on the face from David Lynch himself. I am not one to often read into things in shows, but did every single woman deserve a shit-show end? Thank goodness I did not spend so many years of my life wishing for a return like most of the fanbase did- I am angry enough as is.

"How I Met Your Mother": This ending brought down years of character development and felt like all of them took a trip to become the same person they were when the show first started. I still get incredibly furious thinking about this, to be honest. It ruined every possible chance for me to rewatch any of it. With just one episode they strangled my love for this show.

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