Val Venis Wants to Overthrow the Canadian Government Over COVID-19

Hello, ladies… can we interest you in some batshit craziness? Former fake porn star and WWE wrestler Val Venis is absolutely livid on Twitter, aiming his fury at wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer because Meltzer doesn't support the conspiracy theory that widespread voter fraud cost WWE Hall-of-Famer President Donald Trump the election. But Venis's disagreement with Meltzer is nothing compared to claims that COVID-19 is a conspiracy by banking cartels to spread communism, demands that the governor of California be arrested for coronavirus protection measures, and a call to overthrow the government of Canada, all things that have happened in the past 48 hours on Venis's Twitter page.

Val Venis's entrance video in WWE
Val Venis's entrance video in WWE

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Venis came for Meltzer when Meltzer joked about people who only claim that NXT is a "developmental brand" when it's doing poorly in the ratings, replying: "Same people who think Trump really won Pennsylvania." This sparked a reply from Venis: "Trump did win Pennsylvania. I'd highly recommend never watching any main stream media again. U are too easy to fool into turning on your fellow humans trying to show you #TruthFactLogic. When u r ready 2 accept facts into evidence for an unbiased eye, let me know."

At the very least, The Big Valboski was kind enough to use proper capitalization for his tweet. In other exchanges on the matter, Venis has been a little more shouty, like this recent response to a tweet from President Trump accusing the mainstream media of being mean to him. Venis quoted that tweet and said, "THE STUPID AMERICAN MAIN STREAM MEDIA HACKS HAVE FAILED THE POPLE THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO INFORM. INSTEAD THEY PROTECT THE CRIMINALS AND DECIEVE THE LEFTISTS." He has also argued, "These DUMB-O-CRATS that are standing in the way of testimony from eye witnesses to MASSIVE BALLOT FRAUD & calling them "'iars.' HOW DO THESE LEFTISTS KNOW THE WITNESSES ARE LYING? THEY DONT KNOW! They are standing desperately in the way of JUSTICE 4 TO MAINTAIN THEIR OWN POWER."

Venis has also called for the arrest of the "TERRORISTIC" governor of California, Gavin Newsom, for implementing coronavirus safety rules. And he had the following to say about the true motives behind the pandemic: "THE PSYCHOPATHS IN GOVERNMENTS ALL OVER THE WORLD ARE BRINGING COMMUNISM VIA 'COVID-19' TO THE ENTIRE PLANET ON BEHALF OF THEIR BOSSES INSIDE THE GLOBAL BANKING CARTEL! ITS A CARTEL MY FELLOW HUMANS & YOU ARE THEIR SLAVES! THE GOAL: TURN THE ENTIRE PLANET INTO THEIR PLANTATION!" There's a lot to unpack there. Venis also recently called for people to rise up and overthrow the government of Canada.

"CANADA!!!" Val Venis shouted on Twitter. "THIS IS EXACTLY WHY YOU SHOULD NEVER GIVE UP YOUR GUNS WHEN YOU ARE RULED OVER BY GOVERNMENT! THE TIME IS NEAR TO TAKE UP ARMS & PERFORM CITIZENS ARRESTS ON ANY DR OR POLITICIAN THAT THREATENS TO RESTRICT U & YOUR FAMILIES FREEDOMS & LIBERTIES!" The next thing you know, the Canadian government will be threatening to choppee choppee your pee pee. It's a slippery slope.

Despite his unwavering support of Trump's election conspiracy theories despite all evidence to the contrary, Val Venis isn't afraid to criticize the occasional republican if they stand in the way of his other love: marijuana. The cannibis advocate and "budtender" retweeted a post by Gail Kim complaining that Senator Mitch McConnell won't bring to a vote in the Senate a marijuana legalization bill passed by the house. At press time, Venis's most famous former co-star, Ryan Shamrock, could not be reached for comment.

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