Wally West Will Return to Fight… Godspeed? Everything We Learned from The Flash's Panel at San Diego Comic-Con

It was a huge night for The Flash as they tore up their panel at San Diego Comic-Con. Along with major casting announcements and reveal of their Big Bad for the season, they also revealed a major divide in the season. Executive Producer Eric Williams explained that you could sort of divide the season into two "graphic novels." Obviously, Crisis will be the major split in the middle, and they were mum about what a post-Crisis Flash looks like, but the first half of the season will be centered around new villain"Bloodwork."

Yes, that is Sendhil Ramamurthy, who you may remember from Heroes, as Dr. Ramsey Rosso. "No one has to die ever again." Those are the best types of villains– the ones who think they are helping people.

Speaking of the villain-hero crossroads, Tom Cavanaugh also revealed that he will be playing a new version of Harrison Wells, who he described as "swashbuckling" and "sensual," then asking his castmates to say the word "sensual" with him.

He'll also be back as Eobard Thawne, as well as appearing as "Pariah" who will be "integral" in bringing Anti-Monitor to their Earth and causing Crisis to happen. In the comics, Pariah was a scientist whose experiments attracted Anti-Monitor to his Earth. Williams explained that why Cavanaugh would be in the role will become apparent towards the end of the Bloodwork arc.

But some of the biggest character growth that will happen this season will come from Iris West-Allen (fan favorite Candice Patton) who will find herself leading and training a team of reporters in making her newspaper a reality. One of these employees will include Camilla, who we last saw on a series of awkward dates with Cisco. More Camilla and more Iris can only be good for the season.

And then we'll also get more Killer Frost. Danielle Panabaker promised we'd be seeing more of her as she attempts to "get a life" apart from just being a superpowered alter ego. Speaking of superpowers, Panabaker will also be directing more episodes this season. This is great news, as the episode "Godspeed" that she directed last season was one of the very best and incredibly visually interesting— rare in our modern tv world.

As for the rest of Team Flash? Cisco Ramon is doing great in his new Vibe-less self. "Even without superpowers, he has superpowers." And Ralph will continue his investigations, eventually delving more into his files.

Grant Gustin also revealed that (of course) they're introducing a new version of the Flash suit, redoing the cowl to more closely resemble the comics. And, responding to a suggestion that they need to bring Kid Flash back, they revealed Wally West will indeed return to help fight "one of the greatest villains ever." I'm assuming that means Thawne, or possibly Godspeed, who we saw ever-so-briefly in that teaser video. But whatever brings Wally West back to his family, that is good news for everyone.

The Flash returns Tuesday, October 8th on The CW.

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