Why We Know (We Think) Loki Scribe Michael Waldron Is Going Mephisto

Loki Head Writer Michael Waldron (Heels, Loki) has a Mephisto issue. Whether it is being berated by online reporters, or figuring out how he can use the character, the Marvel villain seems to be on his mind. It was only a few months ago when the interwebs were lit up with rumors and speculations that Mephisto was the Big Bad behind Wanda and Vision's problems in Disney+'s hit  WandaVision. And, as you may recall, fans were somewhat disappointed when the "big bad" turned out to be Wanda herself after all the guesses and predictions regarding the extra-dimensional demon. Recently, I had the chance to speak with Waldron on behalf of Bleeding Cool to see if and how Mephisto could factor into the future.

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 When we started with the topic of Loki, I asked Waldron directly to kick off the subject if he wouldn't mind confirming Mephisto was involved, who he was disguised as, and when the reveal would happen. Not surprisingly, Waldron wasn't in a position to answer any of those questions- but he did leave us with, "Mephisto is all of us. 'Mephisto' is the friends we made along the way." Shifting the focus to his upcoming Sam Raimi collaboration  Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness but staying on topic, Waldron added, "Yeah, he [Mephisto] is there too. Doctor Strange and the Mephisto of Madness." A joke shared between two strangers that are destined to become life-long friends? We're on the fence about the "joke/strangers" part (the "life-long friends" part is our own matter, thank you very much).

Why We Know (We Think) Loki Scribe Michael Waldron Is Going Mephisto
Credit: Cassie Mireya Rodriguez Waldron

But then of his own accord, Waldron lets loose one final tease that the Devil himself will someday make an appearance in his work. As the topic changed to the upcoming Star Wars installment he is writing for Marvel head Kevin Feige (The Mandolorian, Black Widow) the final "clue" was revealed. Though we're going to go with the safe bet that Waldron was having a little fun (but damn I crossover between the two universes could be epic) :

BC: Let's talk about the Star Wars project, anything you can say, at all? 

MW: Probably not, man.

BC: When can we expect? What can we expect? Who can we expect?

MW: Mephisto.

BC: Yas! Mephisto in the Star Wars Universe. 

MW: Early days for sure on that one. Just excited to be working with Kevin Feige again and working with Kathy Kennedy (Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Indiana Jones 5) and everybody at Lucasfilms. I'm just very excited to see what that becomes.   

Sure, Michael was in good spirits and enjoying a lighthearted chat covering a lot of bases, however, this writer's takeaway is that Mephisto is very much alive and will, eventually, make an appearance in the 'Waldron-verse' at some point. Until then make sure to keep up with Micheal Waldron's work on Wednesdays with Loki, with Heels starting August 15th on Starz, and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness hitting theaters March 2022.

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