WrestleMania 36 Results SmackDown Tag Team Championship Match

WrestleMania is always unpredictable, but the WWE has had to fly by the seat of its pants lately. Case-in -point is tonight's SmackDown Tag Team Championship match. Because The Miz had been ruled out of the match for health reasons, the titles were defended in a one-on-one-on-one ladder match. John Morrison defended against Kofi Kingston from The New Day and Jimmy Uso. Ladder matches have a long history at WrestleMania, so anticipation for this match was high.

wrestlemania 36
WrestleMania 36 / WWE

WrestleMania 36 SmackDown Tag Team Championship Match

The three immediately their own ladders into the ring, with all three men taking bumps off the ladders. Uso spent the first part of the match selling, then had a nice spot dragging Morrison down the ladder rung by rung. Kofi missed a dive through the ladder and was dumped by the other two, and was dumped outside the ring so Morrison and Uso could get in some more powerful offense.

wrestlemania 36
WrestleMania 36 / WWE

With the WrestleMania sign in the background, the two took turns using the ladder to their advantage, including a nasty looking spot where Morrison did a 720 off the post onto prone Uso on a ladder. Kofi reentered the match with a flying hurcanrana to Morrison off the ladder, and took over from there, diving all over the place.

More back and forth, including a fun spot with Kofi climbing the inside of the ladder to take out Uso. With Uso out, Morrison and Kofi go back and forth a bit more and Kofi hits a big double foot stomp off the ladder. Bridge made with ladders, Uso rammed Kofi so hard into the ladder he has to have a concussion, prompting Uso to taunt him.

The Finish

The WrestleMania title match ends when Morrison slow climbs the ladder after dumping Uso off the ladder to the outside, and Kofi interrupting. All three end up on ladders next to each other fighting, with all three unclipping the titles and fighting at the top of the ladder. Morrison falls backwards onto the bridged ladder, taking the titles with him to earn the victory.

Pretty solid ladder match, made a little better without a crowd. You could hear every bump and creak on the ladders, and the brutality was amplified. Miz and Morrison rightfully retain, and great action b y all men involved. 3.5/5

Winner: John Morrison

wrestlemania 36
WrestleMania 36 / WWE

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