WWE Backlash: Father-Son Duo Take On Ziggler & Roode In Tag Match

WWE went back to virtual crowds for their first pay-per-view after Wrestlemania for their 2021 Backlash Event. Following the opening match of the night for the Raw Women's Championship, where Rhea Ripley retained her title after a well-timed Riptide on Asuka, was the Smackdown Tag Team Championship.

Current reigning Smackdown champs Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode entered the ring first, strolling into the square circle with a pep in their step after previously injuring Dominik Mysterio earlier in the night and eliminating him from the running for their belt. His father however, Rey Mysterio, came into the Thunderdome arena as a man possessed, his eyes focused on the Dirty Dawgs who injured his son, and went for Ziggler and Roode before the bell could even ring.

WWE WrestleMania Backlash Match Graphic: Dirty Dawgs vs. Mysterios for the Smackdown Tag Team Championships
WWE WrestleMania Backlash Match Graphic: Dirty Dawgs vs. Mysterios for the Smackdown Tag Team Championships

With no one to tag, Mysterious singled out Roode in an attempt to keep the team members isolated and allow himself any advantage he could in the match. The momentum couldn't be held onto forever though, and after Mysterio slid out of the Backlash ring into Ziggler, he was blindsided by Roode who quickly came to defend his tag team partner. Even with a smart strategy of fast hits and isolating his opponent, Mysterio would need to pin either Roode or Ziggler in order to win the belt, a scenario that seemed unlikely as the current reigning champs were unrelenting in their punishment of their opponent.

Roode and Ziggler were quick to take the Backlash fight back to the mat, gaining the advantage of being able to assault Mysterio and then quickly tag their partner to always keep Mysterio fighting a fresh wrestler. After being tied up in the turnbuckle by Roode, Mysterio held what appeared to be an injured left leg as Ziggler attempted the first pin of the night. Sticking close to the ropes, Mysterio seemed incapable of standing as Roode dragged the father back to the center of the ring, taunting the man with bullying kicks to the head, and as Ziggler was tagged in and delivered a high flying face slam.

Still benefitting from the momentum of the second Backlash match, it seemed as if Roode and Ziggler were taunting an incapacitated Mysterio, who managed to counter the two men with a double DDT and gaining what appeared to be the upper hand for the first time since the bell rang. As Rey recovered in the center of the ring, Dominik Mysterio slowly entered the ring holding his injured ribs, and held his hand out to his father hoping to receive a tag and relieve some of the match stress off his father.

The Dirty Dawgs were smart enough to keep the father isolated away from his son, continuously keeping him in the corner opposite from Dominik and keeping a continuous onslaught of blows on the elder Mysterio. Instead of keeping closer to the mat, Roode climbed to the top ropes with Rey on his shoulders and unwisely entered the domain of the high-flying luchador. Rey took advantage of the height and took Roode down to the mat, hesitating on tagging his injured son into the match, but Dominik took matters into his own hands and tagged himself in. Despite being fresh to the fight, Dominik was just as incapable of being much of a match against the current reign Smackdown Tag Team Champions as his father was.

Dominik managed to tag in his father, who had a fast run against Roode much to the excitement of the WWE Backlash crowd, but he was immediately stopped in his tracks after being caught in a backbreaker by his opponent. Roode should have learned his lesson in staying away from the ropes however, and set himself up for a 619 from Rey. The father was able to quickly tag in his son, and Dominik landed a frog splash from the top ropes onto Roode and pinned him for the full three count. Against all odds, the Mysterios become the first father and son tag team champions in WWE history.

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