WWE Clash of Champions: Street Profits Maintain After A Quick 3 Count

The fourth match of Clash of Champions at ThunderDome inside Orlando's Amway Center was for the Raw Tag Team Championship which followed Apollo Crews and Bobby Lashley's match for the United States Championship (with Lashley retaining the title and the WWE still not knowing what to do with Ricochet). Andrade and Angel Garza entered the area without their manager, Zelina Vega, who infamously abandoned her tag team to focus on her own wrestling career. Their opponents, the Street Profits called out the tag team earlier, claiming they used Vega as a scapegoat and the real problem with the two men is that they are incapable of focusing on what matters: championships. Although the teams are familiar with how the other operates, the finely tuned machine of the Street Profits vs. the contentious challengers offered no predictable outcome; the latter looked like a brand new team in the ring.

Andrade and Angel Garza vs the Street Profits, WWE Clash of the Champions key art (Image: WWE).
Andrade and Angel Garza vs the Street Profits, WWE Clash of the Champions key art (Image: WWE).

Andrade and Dawkins began the match, going toe to toe for blows as the strongmen of each team put the hurt on the other. Dawkins did seem to be more in control, but after tapping in his partner Montez Ford, the momentum of the match skewed towards Andrade and Garza. The collaboration between the two challengers for the title was apparent as they managed to isolate Ford early on in the match and continue to lay a relentless barrage of blows against him. Only a desperate show of strength from Ford was able to free him from the clutches of Garza, but the toll on his body was too much and the champion was not fast enough to tag in his partner before a fresh Andrade relieved his partner and entered the area. Dawkins did make quick work of his opponents, managing to rightly sweep the floor with the two men until Andrade landed a desperate dropkick straight to Dawkins' face. Garza took advantage of a sneaky tag and caught Ford in a bad position on the top ropes in the corner and nearly pinned him after a successful Spanish Fly. Although he nearly pinned Ford, the defending champ kicked out at count two.

It seemed at this point in the match, Ford just tried to play catch up and the Garza/Andrade team successfully isolated him away from Dawkins. A double knee shot to Ford looked to be the end of the champ, but again he managed to kick out of the pin. Once he did manage to make a tag, Dawkins quickly pinned Andrade but it did look like he managed to kick out BEFORE the ref completed his three count.

Even the replay confirmed it was a bad count out and the official blew the call.  However, it did seem that Garza was injured earlier in the match as the ref did the notorious X call after the wrestler clearly could no longer bear weight on his leg. Regardless, the Street Profits left the arena with their championship in hand but definitely with a newly tainted legacy.  It seemed that Andrade was not in the loop about what was going on ringside with Garza's injury and unknowingly attempted to keep the match going even though it was clearly over for the contenders… In the end, Andrade and Garza should not have lost that match the way they did, and had the ref not rushed the three count, it is very possible we could have had a new reigning championship team tonight as Andrade does have the gusto to carry his team to victory.

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