"WWE Elimination Chamber 2020": The Miz & John Morrison Style-n-Profile to SmackDown Tag Team Championship Win [VIDEO]

For the first elimination chamber match at WWE Elimination Chamber 2020, we have the SmackDown Tag Team Championship on the line. The newly crowned tag team of The Miz and John Morrison will go against The Usos, Lucha House Party, The New Day, Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler, and Heavy Machinery. Personally I'm excited to see Otis beat the heck out of Ziggler. But all in all, this has the potential to be an amazing match.


The match opened with The New Day and The Usos going against each other. These two tag teams have a liong history all on their own, with each one accomplishing some amazing things. They're also, in my sincere opinion, the best at delivering a solid promo in WWE.

The two teams gave the first elimination chamber match a solid go, but it didn't feel like their best performance. Lucha House party entered next, setting their sights immediately on The Usos. Lucha House Party is a ton of fun to watch, and they brought some much needed energy to the match — even when Lince Dorado nearly broke his legs (or ankles) while jumping onto the cage.

The next tag team to join in would be The Miz and Morrison, who went after The New Day. Thus far no one had been eliminated yet, with many of the teams laying on the outskirts, collecting themselves. The newly minted tag team champs we were ready for a fight — even to the point of being pinned (but not counted out) a few times. Heavy Machinery joined in on the fun next, laying waste to everyone in and around the ring. But would they be the first to eliminate another team?

This match started slow, but it absolutely picked up steam — especially with Dorado climbing up the chamber, and dropping down on the rest of the tag teams in the ring. Alas, after that move, Lucha House party was eliminated from the match. Immediately after, Ziggler and Roode were introduced last, with Heavy Machinery ready (and eager) to get their hands on them.

After some back and forth, everyone's favorite — Otis — got his hands on Ziggler. I won't get into their history, but it was gratifying. At least it was until Roode saved Ziggler. Eventually Otis got on his feet, and while attempting to slam into Ziggler, Otis ultimately crashed into the chamber, breaking the barrier, and falling out of the ring. Whoops.

But! This gave Tucker the push he needed, who proceeded to go after Ziggler and Roode one by one, delivering blow after blow. However, Roode managed to eliminate Heavy Machinery. Here's hoping we see them go after each other at WrestleMania. After that, The Usos eliminated Ziggler and Roode — because I sincerely forgot they were still in the match. The Usos and New Day joined up for a quick truce to take on Miz and Morrison, before going back to taking on each other. In the end, New Day and The Usos would be eliminated – and The Miz and Morrison reigned supreme.

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