WWE Money in the Bank: Styles & Omos Send Viking Raiders to Valhalla

The second fight of the night for WWE's Money in the Bank pay-per-view was for the Raw Tag Team Championship, between the Viking Raiders and AJ Styles & Omos, his ominous bodyguard.

WWE Money in the Bank Graphic. Credit: WWE
WWE Money in the Bank Graphic. Credit: WWE

Ivar and Erik were intelligent with their strategy, making sure to quickly tag against Omos so they could use both their strengths against the giant for one move. As soon as AJ was tagged in, the same strategy proved effective. The Viking Raiders nearly ended the Money in the Bank event after tossing Styles between the two of them and nearly taking his head clean off with a well-placed kick from Erik.

Not to be outdone with effective teamwork, Omos flung Styles out of the ring like a sack of potatoes and decimated Erik with a body slam while the live crowd screamed on in delight. Before the match could end, Erik managed to tag in the deceptively agile Ivar, who came into the Money in the Bank fight light a man possessed. The high-flying Styles could only buy time until he feebly rolled away from the powerhouse of the Viking Raiders and tag in Omos.

The Bodyguard manhandled Ivar by his beard, leading him to the middle of the square circle like a puppy in leash training. In the most impressive move of the night, Omos then lifted Ivar over his head with ease before slamming him back down into the center of the ring. The lackluster display of the women's Money in the Bank match was a fading and distant memory as Erik and Styles went blow-to-blow after being tagged in, each titan refusing to give an inch of mat up.

Again the teamwork of the Viking Raiders proved to be the better strategy, who offensively refused to relent and attempted to annihilate Styles and isolate him from Omos. Despite their best efforts, the experience of Styles outdid strategy, and he was able to take on the Vikings until he could get enough distance to tag his bodyguard. Omos, acting at the human eclipse, loomed over the Viking Raiders and seemed relatively unbothered by their efforts to disable him. Even when victory for this Money in the Bank match was in their clutches as Ivar had Styles pinned on the patch, Omos flipped Erik like a pancake into the fray and broke everything up before the official could count to three.

Despite having the best strategy they possibly could, there was no way the Viking Raiders could outdo the experience of Aj Styles and the raw power of Omos. The reigning champions here are able to retain after Omos threw Erik onto the mat like a rag doll and secured him for a successful three count. Once again, the mismatched wrestler-and-bodyguard tag team proves to be one of the best things the Money in the Bank or WWE has to offer.

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