WWE Payback Results: Banks and Bayley vs Baszler and Jax for the Gold

Well, that wasn't a very good showing for "The Ratings King of Friday Nights," was it? Poor King Corbin. But the world continues to spin, and WWE Payback continues as well. And so does Bleeding Cool's live coverage. And so does my drinkings. Captain Morgan and Dr. Pepper. Try it! If you like rum and Coke, Rum and Dr. Pepper is better. You'll see. Plus, it's good for you. It has "Doctor" in the name.

WWE Payback Report Part 5

After some commercials, Double-A interviews Matt Riddle backstage. But before Riddle can talk about how good it feels to be done with Baron Corbin, Corbin attacks and beats the crap out of him. Should have brought out that aggression in the ring, bro. Officials chase Corbin off.

Michael Cole and Corey Graves introduce the women's tag team championship and play a video package for the saga of Sasha Banks and Bayley. Sasha and Bayley come to the ring. Shayna Bazler and Nia Jax come to the ring for another Payback championship match. One title has already changed hands tonight. Will another?

A look at WWE Payback (Image: WWE)
A look at WWE Payback (Image: WWE)

Sasha Banks and Bayley vs. Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax – Women's Tag Team Championship Match

  • Baszler and Banks start it off. Banks gets the better of her.
  • Banks and Bayley beat on Baszler for a while.
  • To break up a pin by Bayley on Baszler, Jax actually tosses Banks into them.
  • Jax beats the living crap out of Jax outside. That allows Jax and Baszler to take control of Banks, who is still the legal woman.
  • Interesting note: Banks and Bayley are in the face corner (upper left from hard cam) for this match. Payback is weird.
  • Bayley does finally make it inside but gets dominated by Jax. I guess if someone is gonna take some possibly career-ending bumps, Bayley is more likely to survive.
  • Bayley's strategy is to just hang on to Jax's leg. It doesn't work well.
  • Baszler tags in and she beats the crap out of Bayley too.
  • Bayley and Banks finally get the upper hand on Jax.
  • But Bayley hits a top rope elbow drop on Jax, followed immediately by a frog splash from Banks but Jax still kicks out at one.
  • They do their best to keep Jax isolated, but Baszler gets a blind tag.
  • Basler gets Banks in a Muta lock and Bayley in the Kirafuda Clutch. She then uses Banks's arm to choke out Bayley. Bayley taps out.

Wow. That was definitive. Payback isn't shy about title changes, is it? Baszler and Jax are new tag team champions. I wasn't expecting the Banks and Bayley downfall to happen so quickly, but there it is. Now we have odd couple champs and I'm sure shenanigans will ensue. As for Banks and Bayley, this doesn't bode well for their friendship, does it. But it does free Banks up to challenge for Bayley's Smackdown championship.

Charly Caruso interviews Jax and Baszler. Baszler tries to speak, but Jax is just yelling about having the belts. The interview ends. But Bleeding Cool's Payback coverage will continue. And so will my consumption of copious amounts of alcohol. Chelsy will be back shortly with coverage of whatever the next match is. Keep an eye out for it. Then I'll be back for the match after that a little later.

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