WWE SummerSlam: Sasha Banks v Asuka, Randy Orton v Drew McIntyre

Bleeding Cool's live coverage of WWE SummerSlam continues. We've just finished watching two hardcore matches in a row. If you haven't been following along, you can scroll down to the bottom for links to the previous three parts of this SummerSlam report. The Women's Championship match is up next.

WWE SummerSlam Report Part 4

After some more commercials, we see a video package for Sasha Banks vs. Asuka. Then Sasha and Bayley come out. Then Asuka. I want to point out so far that we have yet to see the "you'll never see it coming" twist. Will it happen during this match? Bayley turning on Sasha?

Sasha Banks defends her Raw Women's Championship against Asuka at WWE SummerSlam
Sasha Banks defends her Raw Women's Championship against Asuka at WWE SummerSlam

Sasha Banks vs. Asuka – WWE Smackdown Women's Championship Match

  • Asuka starts the match fired up and controls for a while, but she runs out of steam and ends up eating a modified sunset flip powerbomb (Sasha jumped from the side of Asuka) onto the floor from the apron.
  • That was an awesome move, and Banks now takes control of the match.
  • Bayley eats a sick kick to the head in the corner too. So sick, WWE shows us a slo-mo replay with only one camera angle!
  • Sasha sets Asuka up on the ropes in the corner and climbs the ropes for her double knee, but Asuka catches her in the electric chair and hits a facebuster into a kneebar.
  • Asuka makes a comeback with a DDT off the top turnbuckle. Sasha rolls out of the ring for a breather.
  • Asuka follows and beats Sasha up at ringside. Sasha crawls back in.
  • Asuka goes to the top rope and hits a dropkick, selling a hurt leg the whole time.
  • As Sasha gets beat up in the ring, Bayley looks concerned.
  • But Sasha fights back. This match has achieved that period of suspense where you honestly can't tell who's gonna win. That's not easy in WWE.
  • Sasha misses a frog splash. She consults with Bayley, who gives her a pep talk. While that's happening, Asuka gets ready and when Sasha turns around, Asuka gets her in the Asuka Lock.
  • Sasha fights out. She rolls it into a pin attempt and then into the Banks Statement.
  • As Asuka goes for the ropes, Sahsa pushes off and flips backward, but Asuka reverses into an Asuka Lock again, but Sasha, gets up.
  • Bayley tries to interfere in the same way Sasha did during her match earlier, but Bayley doesn't eat the hip attack, instead of dodging. Asuka then hits her with a back elbow.
  • Sasha tries to roll up Asuka, but Asuka reverses to the Asuka Lock.
  • Sasha calls for Bayley, but Bayley is still out. Sasha taps.

Oooooh! And this right here is the beginning of the end for Sasha and Bayley. Great match, legitimate suspense, and the best possible ending. Bayley did try to help her friend, but she failed. Sasha couldn't beat Asuka on her own. The potential for the various ways this eats away at both women is great. So far, this was the match of the night.

Tom Phillips shills for WWE Payback. Then we get a video package for Drew McIntyre vs Randy Orton. Orton comes to the ring. His entrance takes a long time. A prerecorded promo shows Shawn Michaels rooting for Drew McIntyre tonight. McIntyre comes out. So will this be the match where the thing we'll never see coming happens? Ric Flair interfering to help Orton? HBK? Introductions happen and this match is on.

Randy Orton takes on Drew McIntyre at WWE SummerSlam.
Randy Orton takes on Drew McIntyre at WWE SummerSlam.

Drew McIntyre vs. Randy Orton – WWE Championship Match

  • Orton slides out of the ring first thing in the match. He talks some trash to Drew.
  • Orton takes his time but eventually gets in the ring. But he hides in the ropes to keep McIntyre from attacking.
  • They finally tussle a little bit, but Orton slides right out again. Now Drew is pissed and he follows. Orton slides in and attacks when McIntyre follows. Works every time!
  • Orton tries an RKO early but McIntyre avoids it. He shoulder tackles Orton and runs the ropes, but notices Randy set up for the RKO again. Drew barely avoids it and then he slides out of the ring. Orton is definitely winning the psychological warfare here.
  • McIntyre gets back in and pounds on Orton, but barely avoids yet another RKO attempt. Orton tosses Drew shoulder-first into the ringpost and then beats Drew up outside. He side slams Drew twice on the announce table but it doesn't break. Then he suplexes him off it to the floor. He brings Drew in the ring for a pin attempt but McIntyre kicks out at one.
  • Orton works a headlock. Vintage Orton. Orton controls the match for a while now. He concentrates on weakening Drew's ability to hit the Claymore.
  • Drew gets busted open right between his eyebrows. Orton works on that cut with punches.
  • Drew buys an opportunity for a comeback by hitting a spinebuster on Orton. He puts a figure four on Orton. This works both to weaken Randy's punt kick and to get revenge on behalf of Flair. He keeps Orton in the Figure Four for a good while. Orton gets out by pulling the ref down and poking McIntyre in the eye.
  • But McIntyre hits a massive chop on Orton. They trade blows. Orton goes for another RKO, but McIntyre blocks it again. He hits some clotheslines and belly-to-bellies. McIntyre goes to the top and hits a diving clothesline.
  • Drew kips up. He's fired up too. He picks up Orton and lifts him onto the turnbuckles. Drew goes for a superplex. Has there been one in every match so far today?
  • Maybe not in this one. Orton fights back and gets McIntyre in the Tree of Woe. But Drew grabs Orton and tosses him off the ropes.
  • Orton appears to be bleeding now, this one from the forehead. McIntyre hits a DDT. He goes for another diving clothesline off the top but Orton dodges and then hits a powerslam.
  • Orton goes for the draping DDT, but McIntyre hits a Glasgow Kiss. He clotheslines Orton and they both tumble out of the ring.
  • Orton gets back in first, and this time he gets the DDT when McIntyre comes back in. He sets up for the RKO, but when Drew has trouble getting to his feet, he gets another idea. Orton backs up for the punt kick. But McIntyre catches him with a powerbomb.
  • McIntyre sets up for the Claymore. Orton dodges it and tries an RKO, but Drew reverses to a backslide and gets the pin.

Tom Phillips shouts "he never saw it coming" when McIntyre pulled out the backslide. I swear to god, if that's what the tagline of SummerSlam meant, I'm coming for you, Phillips. This is the final straw.

That was a good match. I'm not quite sure how I feel about the ending yet. I think I like it. Nobody hit their finisher in this match. That alone makes this different than any other major PPV match. At the same time, neither man really kicked the ass of the other one, which means there's no way this feud is finished.

Commercials, and though there's just one match left, we'll cover it in part five of our SummerSlam report, so click down below for that and my final thoughts on the show

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