Mayoral Candidate Kane Reunites With Daniel Bryan on Smackdown, Is Immediately Granted Tag Team Title Shot

WWE Superstar and probably the next mayor of Knox County, Tennesee, Kane, returned to WWE Smackdown Live Tuesday Night to save his former tag team partner Daniel Bryan from a beatdown by the WWE Tag Team Champions, the Bludgeon Brothers. Kane won his primary to become the Republican nominee back in May, and still has the general election ahead of him, but he's apparently already enjoying the special privileges of an elected official because within minutes of returning to the ring, Kane was granted a tag team title shot with Bryan against the Bludgeon Brothers at the upcoming Extreme Rules PPV.

When Kane last crossed paths with Daniel Bryan, while Bryan was serving as General Manager of Smackdown and not medically cleared to wrestle, Kane chokeslammed him through a table. Making matters worse, the attack came just weeks after Bryan endorsed Kane in his run for Knox County mayor. But this was during a dark time in Kane's campaign, when the Libertarian endorsed by Senator Rand Paul was frequently seen giving speeches about his own "sick and depraved acts" or attempting to commit murder live on television. However, just as the Republican voters in Knox County Tenessee were able to overlook Kane's past mistakes, like stuffing Braun Strowman into a garbage truck, lighting Jim Ross on dire, or electrocuting the testicles of Shane McMahon, and cast their support behind him in his quest to become an elected official, so was Daniel Bryan willing to forgive his ex-partner and hug it out.

Of course, some might question what the ramifications are of allowing a soon-to-be-elected official to secure a tag team title shot so easily. Smackdown General Manager Paige said she couldn't let such a good opportunity go to waste in booking the reunited Team Hell No in a championship match against the Bludgeon Brothers at the upcoming pay per view, but aren't there other teams on Smackdown who have worked harder to earn a shot at the belts? Of course, Kane isn't the first example of the intimate relationship between WWE and some of the country's most powerful politicians. President Donald Trump himself is, after all, a WWE Hall-of-Famer, and former WWE CEO Linda McMahon currently serves as the head of Trump's Small Business Administration.

WWE Extreme Rules takes place on July 15th, but the PPV where traditional rules don't apply seems perfect for a competitor whose political capital apparently places him above the law — the pro wrestling law, that is.

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