Asajj Ventress Is Back with a New Sideshow Collectibles Statue [First Look]

Asajj Ventress is the apprentice of Count Dooku. She was originally shown in the five minute Star Wars: The Clone Wars cartoon that appeared on Cartoon Network. She was later updated to her newest appearance in the Star Wars the animated CGI series. This time you can bring her home with a new statue coming soon from Sideshow Collectibles. We are only greeted with a single image but this image is beautiful. We see an Asajj Ventress in a red robe with a hood up and two lightsabers in her hands. The lightsabers, unfortunately, will not light up and they missed out with that opportunity. I do like the outfit that Asajj Ventress is given here though, the robe is a new and interesting aspect that we don't usually see we mainly just see her in a black outfit and her bald head. They put a lot of detail in the "fabric" design and I am sure we will get an a Sideshow Exclusive of this with a possible secondary head or even an interchangeable hand to change the position of the lightsabers. I can't wait to see more from the statue and only time will tell how amazing Asajj Ventress will get. 

The Star Wars Mythos Asajj Ventress Statue from Sideshow Collectibles does not have a price or release date just yet. Sideshow Collectibles will update us and so will we once pre-orders go live. You can join the RSVP list to get notified ASAP on when the statue goes live. Don't forget to check out the upcoming Star Wars Mythos Emperor Palpatine statue they were making its way to a galaxy near you.

"I am fear. I am the queen of a blood-soaked planet and an architect of genocide. I have helped to crack the galaxy in half with this war and conquered every enemy I have ever faced—including death. All except for you."

Asajj Ventress Is Back with a New Sideshow Collectibles Statue [First Look]


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