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Astro Boy Comes to Life With New Statues From Blitzway

Astro Boy is quite known from a lot of his modern story adaptations. Most might not know that based on his original Japanese manga series his original name is Mighty Atom. Even more of a history lesson, the manga series was written and illustrated by Osamu Tezuka in the series Kobunsha's Shōnen. For such a futuristic story it is hard to believe that the series was between the years 1952 to 1968 giving us some amazing stories. Astro Boy has been on some crazy adventures with a total of 112 chapters in his series. Blitzway has gone back studied and analyzed the original manga series to give us two amazing statues. The statues allow fans to be part of Astro Boy as they get to see what is below the service. This piece features a wide range of LEDs with 5 in the statue of Astro Boy and over 7 in the diorama base.

The standard statue will feature a half body removal that will give you a side by side of him. This gives you a nice LED style anatomical look at this iconic character. This is also more than your usual statue as pushing certain parts of Astro Boy will make him interact like his heart beating. This dynamic statue put Astro Boy in a new light that can really please dedicated collectors. The deluxe statue will feature a whole new range of accessories and display pieces. From an added light up pod, body parts, face plates, and hands, this figure really has it all and would be one amazing centerpiece for any Astro Boy collectors collection. The standard Astro Boy is priced at $379 and while the deluxe is priced at $549. They are both set to release in June 2021 and pre-orders are located here.

"Why is he named Atom (Astro Boy)?" Why did Osamu Tezuka give such a little robot an intense name of Atom? Although humans have obtained the ability to create energy through nuclear power and the convenient life of dazzling abundance, they have also experienced irremediable wounds and fears through nuclear weapons. Through Atom, Osamu Tezuka delivered a strong message that violence is never justified and to persuade by dialogue rather than overpowering and dominating the enemy. The team at Blitzway analyzed Atom and Osamu Tezuka's message in animations and comic books, and was able to determine the direction for statue production. With formidable power hidden behind the cute and sleek appearance, Blitzway artist wanted to express what may look cute at a glance, but is strong with nuclear power."

"Lightly press the heart-shaped mechanism to make the heart start beating and glow red. Nuclear fusion of the two legs begins to pulsate slowly. Staring at reality, Atom's eyes gaze with a cold and blue stare. Atom's warm heart in his cold metal body begins to beat. There is so much to unpack here, but somehow words and product descriptions can hardly do it justice. Aside from the whopping 17 accessories included with this Deluxe Version, Astro Boy features removeable front-half body parts to expose his inner workings. Additionally, there are 5x LED light-up functions on the figure and 7x LED light-up functions on the diorama. The Astro Boy Deluxe Version Superb Anime Statue measures about 12-inches tall."

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