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Disney Characters Go Robotic with Blitzway’s New Carbotix Figures 
Blitzway has announced a brand project that they have never attempted before called the 5Pro Carbotix This line reimagines iconic Disney characters as robots with die-cast elements, ratchet joints, swappable parts, and just some truly adorable detail Three characters are kicking off the wave Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Stitch, aka Experiment 626 Each of[...]
Ghostbusters: Afterlife 1/6 Scale Ecto-1 Vehicle Debuts from Blitzway
Blitzway is about to show up Hot Toys as another 80's vehicle is making its way to the 1/6scale figure market Coming straight out of Ghostbusters: Afterlife, Ecto-1 is back and ready to hunt some ghosts once again This incredible collectible measures 40" long and will feature 37 light-up LED effects with lights on the[...]
Hellboy II: The Golden Army Receives New Collectible from Blitzway
Blitzway has revealed their newest 1/4 scale statue as the paranormal occult hero arrives once again from the hot Guillermo Del Toro films The half-human and half-devil savior is loaded with detail with this impressive 27.5 inch tall statue with life-like detail and fabric clothes Blitzway has included some interchangeable parts as well with Samaritan[...]
Prime 1 Studio & Blitzway Debuts Dune Paul Atreides 1/4th Scale Statue
Paul Atredias gets a brand new close up with this impressive 1/4th scale statue coming to us from Prime 1 Studio and Blitzway Standing at a whopping 21", we are back on the planet of Arrakis as Paul stands heroically with high amounts of detail as well as swappable parts The Dune statue will also[...]
The Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Receives New Prime 1 Studio Statue
Blitzway and Prime 1 Studio has teamed up to show their love of the DC Comics film with a brand new statue Harley Quinn is ready for her close-up as she wears her newly gifted red dress from the President of Corto Maltese Standing 28 inches tall, the 1:3 scale statue captures the beauty of[...]
Blitzway Honor's Icon Bruce Lee With Another Tribute Statue
Blitzway continues their 1/4th scale statue series with another tribute to the legendary Bruce Lee Standing 22.5 inches tall, Mr Lee is back from the hit martial arts film Way of the Dragon in a recreated fabric outfit The statue features an incredible likeness to the legend, from muscle definition to a stone textured base[...]
The Search For Waldo Continues With Blitzway “Where’s Waldo” Figure
One of the greatest hide-and-seek players is getting his own action figure as Blitzway unveils their new "Where's Wally?" figure series Also known as Where's Waldo in the US, this red and white-shirted icon is back and ready to hide in the real world with his new 1/12 figure Waldo will stand roughly 7″ tall[...]
Elvis Presley Rocks the Stage with New Blitzway Statue
The King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley, is back and Blitzway is putting him in the spotlight with their newest statue The statue stands over 20" tall and will feature a fabric outfit to bring the king to life In the statue, he will be wearing his American Eagle jumpsuit that fans will recognize[...]
Men in Black International Agents Come to Life with Blitzway
The Men in Black are back as Blitzway brings two agents to lief from the 2019 film Men in Black: International Agent H and High T are ready for action with these two new 1/6th scale figures The figure stands 12" tall and features great likenesses of Chris Hemsworth as Agent H and Liam Neeson[...]
Jimi Hendrix Gets A Rocking 1/6 Scale Figure from Blitzway
Legendary rock and roll musician Jimi Hendrix comes to life with Blitzway's newest figure Standing 12" tall, this figure is will make any collection one Foxey Lady He will feature an entire fabric outfit and rooted hair This realistic figure will feature quite a few interchangeable hands to give fans that correct Jimi Hendrix's stage[...]
Inspector Gadget Cartoon Returns with New Figures from Blitzway
Blitzway is bringing back the 1983 classic cartoon Inspector Gadget This time it will be with their new line of figures that we originally saw during San Diego Comic Con 2019 Today it looks like Blitzway is finally giving us all the details with new photos, prices, and pre-order links As you know Inspector Gadget,[...]
Joker Statue from Prime 1 Studio and Blitzway
Prime 1 Studio and Blitzway have teamed up to bring fans an amazing collectible This 2 feet and 4 inch tall statue shows off Joaquin Phoenix's portrayal as Arthur Fleck The statue is very realistic and shows off every small detail from the character from the head sculpt to the base This version of Joker[...]
Astro Boy Standard Statue from Blitzway
Blitzway has gone back studied and analyzed the original manga series to give us two amazing statues The statues allow fans to be part of Astro Boy as they get to see what is below the service This piece features a wide range of LEDs with 5 in the statue of Astro Boy and over[...]
Daenerys Targaryen is the Mother of Dragons in the New Team-Up Statue
So I'm excited to see a past look at the rightful Queen Daenerys Targaryen with a collaborative statue from Blitzway and Prime 1 Studio The statue stance 24 inches tall and showcases Daenarys Targaryen on a throne with her three pet dragons around her The statue is beautifully crafted and wonderfully artistic I love how[...]
Bruce Lee Gets An 80th-Anniversary Tribute Statue from Blitzway
It is time for one more kick to the jaw with Blitzway's new Bruce Lee tribute statue Blitzway spent a lot of time and effort into researching this legend just to give fans the best statue they could and do right by the man himself The statue is a 1/4 scale and features a mixture[...]
Return to the past with New Bill and Ted Figures
Bill and Ted are back at it again but instead of teleporting to the past, they are teleporting to your shelves! Sideshow and Blitzway are doing it again dudes, and this time bring us a sixth scale Bill and Ted figures Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure is another cult classic starring the famous Keanu Reeves[...]
"The Mask Of Zorro" Returns Once Again With New Sideshow Figure
This figure is based on the 1998 movie The Mask of Zorro featuring Antonio Banderas. This sixth scale figure is from Blitzway and Sideshow and features very realistic features of Antonio, it's oddly quite uncanny Zorro comes with two heads, one masked and one unmasked, and each one shows off Zorro's iconic facial features[...]
Ghostbusters Ecto-1
We now have official details and pictures of the BLITZWAY 1/6 scale Ecto-1 Yes-a 1/6 scale version of the Ecto-1 is coming Last week we told you about their 1/6 scale figures that blew our minds finally being available for preorder. Now we get this? Can we get a life-sized painting of Viggo the Carpathian next?[...]
BLITZWAY has some amazing-looking Ghostbusters figures available for order now All four are there, in 1/6 scale, and they are gorgeous. Ghostbusters BLITZWAY 1/6 Scale Figures "Who ya gonna call?" BLITZWAY is proud to present the legendary original Ghostbusters team in a series officially licensed 1/6 scale figures Each figure offers a highly detailed head sculpt, screen[...]
Basic Instinct Sharon Stone Statue
Blitzway has come out of left-field and created a statue of Sharon Stone's Catherine Tramell from Basic Instinct And it is from THAT scene (you know the one I am referring to, and this link is NSFW if you watch the video embedded on the page). #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 50%; } #gallery-1 img[...]