Batman The Dark Knight Gets New EAA Figure from Beast Kingdom

Batman is back from The Dark Knight Trilogy with a new deluxe figure from Beast Kingdom. Coming out of the second film The Dark Knight, Batman is ready to save the city once again. This figure is deluxe and packed with tons of amazing accessories and high amounts of detail. Some of the features include are:

  • Three interchangeable mouths for Batman
  • Four swappable hands
  • Two Batarangs
  • Pistol, Pulse Rifle, and Smoke Bomb accessories
  • Composite armor made with real cloth and PCV
  • DX- Sonar Mode head that has with light-up eyes feature
  • DX- Cape backpack
  • DX- Special construction site scene with platform and base

The figure is packed with tiny detail and has a lot of accessories that will make any fan happy. From Sonar eyes to the dynamic base, this is one figure that fans would want to miss out on. The Dark Knight Batman Egg Attack Action Deluxe Figure from Beast Kingdom is priced at $110.00. he is set to release in March 2021 and pre-orders are already live and can be found located here. Don't miss out on some of the other DC Comics Egg Attack Action figures to enhance any collection.

"Sometimes the truth isn't good enough! Sometimes people deserve more, they deserve to have their faith rewarded noted Batman in Christopher Nolan's now famous Dark Knight trilogy of movies. And rewarded fan's will be, with the classic Batman armor recreated in all the EAA (Egg Attack Action) glory! This time, with some deluxe, extra features to really elevate the set!"

"Beast Kingdom's 'Entertainment Experience Brand' is back once again with the latest EAA 6-inch action figure: The Dark Knight Batman (Deluxe Edition). Based on the classic portrayal of the Dark Knight by Christian Bale, the high-tech armor was the highlight of the trilogy. For the first time in a Batman's history, the suit had a very high level of articulation on screen, which perfectly translated into the EAA highly articulable action figure range. Using high-quality painting techniques the, black matte PVC suit and real cloth is accompanied with a selection of Batman's favourites accessories, including batarang, smoke bomb, pistol and a pulse rifle."

Batman The Dark Knight Gets New EAA Figure from Beast Kingdom
Credit: Beast Kingdom

"In addition, the Deluxe Edition also includes an added 'Sonar Mode' head sculpt with light up eyes, and Batman's cape backpack, in addition to four pairs of replaceable hands and three interchangeable mouth pieces for the head sculpt. Topping off the Deluxe Edition set, is a highly detailed recreation of the construction site scene as a base to show off Batman's dark mood! The incredible range of accessories gives collectors ample way ways to pose the figure from the many amazing scenes featured in the movies. For fans of the seminal franchise, make sure to grab your own Dark Knight Batman action figure today!"

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