Batman Week Continues with the Best Batman Verses Statues

We have covered plenty of Batman collectibles over Batman Week here at Bleeding Cool but we are not done just yet. We have already seen some amazing collectibles showcasing villains, costumes and even some monsters. This time we are looking at some dynamic Batman statues that have him go toe to toe with some deadly villains. From villains and heroes to gods, this caped crusader has bested them all and will gladly do it again. To honor our favorite bat have picked four Batman Versus statues that will please any collector out there. First up is a battle between two rivals that has spanned over generations, Batman vs. Joker. Iron Studios brings these two legends to life with a 20" dynamic piece. It is limited to only 600 pieces and is priced at $800 each. The statue shows Batman is his black and grey costume, while Joker is in his iconic purple suit. They are both deep into a dynamic battle on top of a super detailed base. From chattering teeth, Killer Croc, graffiti, and rumble, this statue brings these two legends right off the comic page and makes it ready for your Batman collection. The statue is set to release between April and July 2020 with pre-orders are still live and you can find them located here Following her Clown Prince of Crime, the one and only Harley Quinn is up next and she is ready to take a bite out of the bat. This statue is from DC Collectibles (DC Direct) ad shows Batman in his Black and Grey costume and Harley Quinn in her classic harlequin jester outfit. This dynamic statue places these two fighting it out on top of a Joker themed roller coaster with dynamite placed around it. Both of her hyena pets are also sculpted in almost making Batman feel outnumbered. This piece is limited to only 5000 pieces and it is priced at $375 and you can buy yours today and here.



Credit: DC Direct

Fans have always debated who would win in a fight between Batman and Superman. For our last statue we are taking a look at a the Sideshow Exclusive Batman Versus Superman statue. This statue stands 23.5" high, and shows the mighty DC Comics heroes finally going head to head. Both characters feature fabric capes with is a perfect touch for this piece. The display base is based on the Fortress of Solitude, and Superman stands firm with Batman diving is a lethal punch. There is Kryptonite ring on the Dark Knight hands and with the Sideshow Exclusive, Superman is equipped with his laser vision. The colors on this piece are a perfect combination of light and dark contrasting elements as these two friends have now become enemies. This is the ultimate collectible that any Batman fan should get their hands on for their own bat cave. The statue is limited to only 1000 pieces and is priced at $699. The BVS statues are available for purchase now and you can find them located here. These statutes are just the tip of the iceberg of some Batman collectibles out there. The added elements of seeing our favorite hero take the fight to the enemy is something special. Each statue has its own unique elements that will make any collection a proud mom or dad to these collectibles.

Credit: Sideshow Collectibles

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