Let's Take A Look At Spin Master's New DC Comics Joker Figures

When Spin Master got the DC Comics toy license along with McFarlane Toys about 18 months ago now, we knew that they would be more focused on an all-ages toy line. What we didn't know is the quality of the figure and scale they would be producing. Their 3.75-inch line of figures continues to impress, and they have built a very robust line of characters at this point. Their latest waves dubbed the Bat-Tech line, features characters like Batman and The Joker with new deco and surprises in the packaging, and they were kind enough to send over some of them for us to take a look at. So, let's look at a couple of their Joker figures.

Let's Take A Look At Spin Master's New DC Comics Joker Figures
Spin Master DC Comics Figures

Joker Fans: You Need These For Your Shelves

I love the packaging on these. The 12-inch figure shows off the entire figure and stands perfectly for MOC collectors. And actually, for the 3.75-inch line, most of the people I know that collect it leave them MOC because Spin Master has done such a great job with the blister card. That also shows the figure off well while also keeping some blind box elements a mystery, so Joker fans don't know what they are getting with him. Pretty great stuff.

As far as 12-inch figures go, these aren't too bad. The sculpt is great, and he moves pretty well for a budget giant figure. Joker comes with no accessories, which is lame. And while he moves and poses really well, shoulder articulation so the arms could go out instead of just front to back would make it pretty perfect. He works well as a display piece.

More my style is the 3.75-inch Joker. I love this line, so allow me to gush here. The figure features a ton of articulation and deco, including some really nice molded parts on his outfit. I love the facesculpts on these figures as well. A lot of time with figures in this scale that can be an issue, but I have never had one from Spin Master that looked bad. His three mystery accessories are Joker-related, and my favorite is the Joker Fish. I wish they were not just translucent pieces, but it's okay; I understand why. And as a bonus, you get a cool little poster inside.

The 3.75-inch line is just to die for. At $7.99 a figure, this line works for parents looking for figures for their kids, as well as collectors who like a deep character list and good-looking figures. You can find these pretty much everywhere, including here.

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