SDCC 2019: 30+ Pics From the Beast Kingdom Booth

Beast Kingdom had a hoping booth when we stopped by on Friday to take a peek at their latest Egg Attack and D-Stage figures and statues. They rewarded those of us who came with a ton of cool items, many of which they actually had in stock at their booth. This is my sixth year at SDCC, and I don't think I have ever seen Beast Kingdom with such a well-manned and easy to shop booth, so kudos to them this year.

Beast Kingdom had their Egg Attack figures littered throughout the booth, including the new brown suit Wolverine t-shirt set. That is a great looking figure. Also on display were a ton of other marvel Egg Attack, including the minis. I feel like the minis are where it is at for Beast Kingdom to be honest, I wish they would go whole hog into that line.

The other main part of their booth was the D-Stage area. If any of you are Disney collectors and you have not jumped onto this bandwagon yet, I highly recommend you do so. These are some of the coolest Disney statues on the market right now. Beast Kingdom have gone out of their way to not just do the same old franchises and titles either, and a lot of these are the only real y collectibles these shows and films have gotten. It is pretty cool.

They also had their SDCC exclusive Aquaman and Injustice 2 Batman figures on display. Both

Lastly, a special thank you to them for making all of this Mickey Mouse.  You know the way to my wallet's heart Beast Kingdom.

Check it all out below!

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