Cheetah Rumbles in the Jungle with New Tweeterhead Statue [PREVIEW]

Cheetah is quite famous for being one of the nemeses of Wonder Woman. Mostly recognized in DC Comic's newest "Rebirth" event, which introduced us to Dr. Barbara Ann Minerva, an archeologist and friend of Diana Prince (Wonder Woman) who is transformed into this dangerous and blood-thirsty version of Cheetah. This is most likely what we will see in Wonder Woman 1984 – with Kristen Wiig taking on the mantel of Cheetah, so it will be interesting to see how well she pulls it off. Until then, we have the new Tweeterhead's statue that can help fufill our DC villain needs.

Tweeterhead gives us a unique look at Cheetah and allows potential buyers to know the product before they purchase the statue. The statue includes two separate headpieces. I like the long-haired version of Cheetah a lot more than the bald version. Something about the sculpting of the hair shows a little more "villainy" compared to the bald version. However, giving customers the ability to choose is a great decision to go with. The base does show off a nice jungle theme, which goes ideal with the character herself. It is a very detailed statue and would be perfect to own for any Wonder Woman fans, DC villain fans, and Cheetah fans.

The statue stands 16" tall and it is priced at $259.99. While that might seem a little pricey, considering it's a fully sculpted statue that stands over a foot tall? That's a pretty great price. The extra head without the long-hair goes on sale next week – but for the extra head model, it is scheduled for a third-quarter release of 2020. Preorders are live and located here – and you can check out Cheetah's jungle fury below:

Cheetah EX Maquette (includes two heads: long hair and cowl)

Shipping: 3rd Qtr 2020

Sculpture: Jack Mathews

Print/Mold/Cast: Ownage

Paints: David Fisher

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