Batman Better Beware Azrael One of McFarlane Toys Newest Figures

McFarlane Toys has been showing off a lot of their DC Multiverse figures lately. I wanted to take this time to take a look at some of the figures already released and on shelves now. One of my favorite figures from the current wave is from the DC Comics mini-series Batman: The Curse of the White Knight as the religious zealot Azrael. The story follows a new version of John-Paul Valley but he is still on his righteous crusade. Batman's reign is at an end and it is time to purify the filth that is in Gotham. The Curse of the White Knight comic is definitely an interesting take on Batman, Joker, and Azrael and this figure give the character so much justice. So let's not wait any longer and dive right into our next Bleeding Cool toy review.

Right off the bat, the figure design as well really captivated me in this DC Multiverse wave. McFarlane Toys really tried to stay true to the comic art and this character definitely stands out from the rest. Nothing is really special about the packaging, as they all are the same as of this moment. However, it is the figure itself that really shines and it should be a must-have for any DC Comics fan. Azrael is featured wearing his red outfit that has small touches of that religious detail. He has two "wings" on his back that are made from a different more rubbery material that really stands out when you're posing him. The detail on this figure is pretty remarkable from the etchings of the gold parts on his armor to the ripples in the red armor. His whole body nicely articulated which is nice with even with the subtle notion of his hooded head moving up and up.

The only accessory that Azrael comes with is a flaming sword it to take on Batman. The flaming effect can be removed to give collectors the ability to display with or without the fire. There are no interchangeable hands with this figure but the whole captivating design shows that it does not need it. McFarlane Toyz really does know how to do articulation quite well and I was definitely pleased with how they handled this piece. From the waist to hip and even to the shoulder blades, all of it rotated smoothly. The figure was such a blast to pose that he defiantly won't go back in the box. Fans of Batman: The Curse of the White Knight will definitely want to get this character or if you're just a fan of Azrael himself.

Just like the McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse Hellbat Suit, Azrael is a very well done figure. It is the uniqueness and the design of these characters from the DC Comics that really pulled me into this figure line, to begin with. Todd McFarlane is really pulling in some heavy hitters for this series and I cannot wait to see what else he has in store. I'm currently looking forward to all of the Batman: Dark Nights Metal figures as well as the upcoming Deathstroke from the Batman:  Arkham Origins video game. If you are a fan of DC Comics then this is the collectible line for you. They there beautifully crafted, nicely articulated, and they will just look perfect in your comic book collection. Each figure is reasonably priced will the hardest part is having to find them. Good thing we have internet nowadays so collectors will be able to lock down some pre-orders here. Check out some of the other upcoming waves of DC Multiverse figures like the Batman the Merciless Build-A-Figure wave here as well as the upcoming first McFarlane Toys figure of The Flash.

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