Playmates Walgreens Exclusive Interactive Stitch Has Crash Landed

Playmates have recently released a new interactive Stitch figure from the hit animated Disney film Lilo and Stitch. The announcement for the figure was released earlier this month and thanks to Playmates, this fuzzy alien has crash-landed at our front door. This figure is a Walgreens exclusive and can be found in the store right now. As a Disney fan, I was very excited to get my hands on the interactive figure and see what all the fuss was about so let's not wait any longer and crash our ship right into our next review for the Lilo and Stitch Interactive Stitch figure from Playmates.

There's nothing crazy about the packaging as it shows a window box with a try-me feature to show off some examples of what Stitch has to offer. There is a nice art print of the lovable Disney character on the side as well as a couple of samples of what he can do displayed on the front. He stands roughly 6.5" tall and is shown in a static pose but it's when you turn him on is when the real magic starts. His eyes, mouth, ears, and head all turn with motion as he speaks. Playmates revealed that there are over 40+ phrases and sound effects in this figure and they were not kidding. This Lilo and Stitch figure is packed with a great assortment of sound effects like laughing, growling, burping  and the occasional alien talk. It doesn't stop there as there is an actual voice component too which is truly a wonder. Getting to hear that voice recognizable from the show and the movies were fun to hear as he talked. Some of the phrases we heard were:

  • Don't go away again, ok?
  • Yes, playtime!
  • Stitch not tired.. (in sleepy voice)
  • I'm busy, you go away, OK!
  • I am Stitch you can be part of my Ohana.
  • Ohana means family.
  • I am cute and fluffy!
  • You are my friend.

It was very fun to play with as he interacts with you from the user touching his forehead and belly. Certain actions also get activated too when you lift him from the ground activating the titled motion. This motion activates certain catchphrases to show him playing like "cowabunga" and "Yes! Playtime." If you decide to leave Stitch alone and not play with him for a while he will do some sleepy voice commands and even can fall asleep with snoring sound effects. For $20 Playmates really packed in a nice assortment of activities for kid and adult fans of the animated film. Whether you want him on your desk, collection, or a figure to play with, this is the one for you. This is a simple figure that is packed with great amounts of detail, voice action, and an interactive function that can be loved by many. The Interactive Lilo and Stitch figure can't be found online just yet but can be found in stores today at Walgreens.

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