The Goonies Await New Adventures As Funko Announces New Pops

The Goonies are back, and better than even as Funko Fair ends their movie reveals. This is not the first time that Funko Funatics has seen The Goonies in Pop form, as they were originally released back in 2014. However, the original release features the simple basic Pop design with a "normal" pose and a different costume design for each. This time, The Goonies are getting a full makeover with new outfits, sculpts, and a better likeness to the film's character. There will be six reveals for this wave of remastered Pops; two of them will even be retailer exclusives. Starting us off first is Mikey, who will be wearing his yellow raincoat, the treasure key, and a map to One-Eye Willy's treasure. He is not alone either, as Data is also back and with a new sculpt showing off his new glove punch invention. The lovable Chunk joins the gangs as well, and Funko has captured him in the infamous "Truffle Shuffle" dance that always makes us laugh.

The last "common" The Goonies Pop that is coming is Sloth, who is wearing his pirate outfit. It does look like the Superman symbol is missing, but we can imagine that is to keep the SDCC Sloth (Superman Shirt) Pop its value. That is not Sloths, only Pop coming from Funko in this wave as he will be getting him holding some ice cream with his green jacket on. This Pop will be exclusive to Walmart, and fans will be able to find him here. Our last The Goonies Pop is another retailer exclusive as Brady is working out to some Cyndi Lauper as a Target Exclusive. Brady is getting his first Pop this time, so it will be high up on Goonies Pop collectors old and new, and he can be found here. Oddly enough, Mouth is missing in this wave of reveals, but we can surmise that he will be an upcoming convention exclusive. I also hope we can at least get Andy, Stef, and Mama Fratelli Pops in the future so we can really bring home the magic of the film. Pre-orders for each of these Pops are already live, and fans can find them located here. Day 6 of Funko Fair kicks off tomorrow with television reveals, so stay tuned!

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