Funko Makes Ouija Adorable As They Reveal New Retro Toy Pops

We are covering some of the newest releases that Funko released during their 2021 Funko Fundays event. We have already seen some new Soda Vinyls and new Pops for some of your favorite films like Jingle All The Way. Funko switches gear to reveals some more of their new and simple Pop designs with their Retro collection. Starting us off first is a new wave of Retro Toys figures, with five getting revealed, covering many adults' childhood classics. Up first is Barrel of Monkey who comes to life with a fun design, and even some monkeys are playfully sculpted with the barrel. Your colorful pals with Play-Doh and Lite-Brite are up next as the legendary Retro Toys get new life through Funko. The hit game Trouble is also coming to fans' collection soon as one of the game pieces is ready to enhance your family game night.

The fun does not end there as Funko ended their Retro Toys reveals with one of the craziest Pops yet with Ouija. Now fans can summon demons with ease as their new living Ouija Board companion is ready to add some adorable fun to your spooky collection. Retro Toys were not the only things brought back as some iconic cereal boxes are back with now simplistic Pop designs. These designs are not new and mainly showcase the retro designs of older versions of your favorite cereal characters. With Cap'n Crunch, Trix, Froot Loops, and Trix, your breakfast can now have some new companions to start off your morning with a smile. No world of when any of these Pops will be release, but like most, they will be able to be found here. Be sure to check out some of the other Funko Funday announcements like Wonder Wonder, Loki, and Funko Soda.

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