Hasbro Reveals Ghostbusters Mini Stay Puft Figures Coming This Fall

Ghostbusters fans knew this was coming after yesterday. Mini Stay Puft figures are indeed coming, as the series has its own Baby Yoda style character. Revealed this afternoon, Hasbro will release surprise figures to unbox in the fall. Each will stand around 1.5 inches tall and come inside a Stay Puft marshmallow container. There will be six figures to collect in the first two waves of what I am sure will be many. Just look at how many mini Grogu's we have gotten for an idea of what to expect here. You can see all of the new Ghostbusters mini Stay Puft figures below, along with a look at the blind box container they come in below.

Just What Ghostbusters Needed

"Choose the smallest, most collectible method of your destruction with the GHOSTBUSTERS Mini-Pufts Surprise figures from Hasbro. Detailed to look like characters from the 2021 Ghostbusters: Afterlife film, each series of 1.5-inch Mini-Puft figures is inspired by the original Stay Puft Marshmallow Man but comes equipped with new mischievous personalities from the movie. Kids and collectors alike can open the Stay Puft Marshmallow can and dig into the goopy marshmallow-like compound to see which Mini-Puft figure is inside. With multiple blind waves and six unique figures per wave for the GHOSTBUSTERS Mini-Pufts Surprise figures, boys and girls can collect them all! Available at most major retailers nationwide."

Honestly, I love these things. Ghostbusters is coming back as a film aimed at fans and families both, and let's be honest, they have their work cut out for them getting the property to stick with kids. This is a big step towards that, so for the fans who called this the "death of the franchise" yesterday, I better not see you in Walmart buying the whole case of these. Look for the mini Stay Puft figures in stores this fall. They will run you about $5 a figure.

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