Hasbro Celebrates Avengers 60th Anniversary with New Marvel Legends 

Hasbro is getting ready for yet another celebration as the Avengers kick off their 60th anniversary this year and plenty of figures are coming

This year marks the 60th anniversary of The Avengers arriving on the pages of Marvel Comics. Hasbro is celebrating this landmark with an impressive assortment of new Marvel Legends figures. We have slowly started to cover most of these reveals, like the Hulk and Thor 2-Pack seen here, and the fantastic Marvel Comics-inspired sets shown here. It looks like the Marvel Legends team is jumping throughout Marvel history with these releases. Kicking things off is Iron Man, who is back in his Mark I armor and is now coming to life in glorious 6" format. While no official pictures were showcased, Hasbro did give fans a closer look at him. His bulky design is faithfully recreated, and we can only imagine what accessories will be included. 

The fun does not end there, as Hawkeye and Black Widow are also getting some brand new releases. Clint all be taken to the sky with his slick Deluxe Vehicle Set that shows his Sky Cycle and features him with some soft goods. His classic Marvel Comics suit returns, and he will be a fun yet nostalgic figure for dedicated The Avengers fans to own. On the other hand, Black Window is getting a complete overhaul with the 1st fully articulated female Marvel Legends. This figure looks incredible with great sculpt and impressive detail, and she is an Avenger who will beautifully show off this new design. 

Last but not least, Captain America is also getting a brand new updated release for this Avengers collection. However, this is not Steve Rogers in that uniform but Bucky Barnes taking up the mantle of this star-spangled hero. This figure has a new sculpt, metallic deco, and a holster to place his gun in when not in use. All of these figures are beautifully crafted and are one hell of a way to showcase The Avengers celebration. More will get revealed for these figures in the comic months with accessories and such. Fans can find all things Marvel Legends right here to purchase and pre-order in the meantime. 

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