Hasbro Dives Deep into Marvel Comics with Upcoming Legends 2-Packs

A new Marvel Legends live stream event has arrived giving fans a new assortment of figures including a some Marve Comics inspired 2-pack sets

The Marvel Legends team kicked off their first Marvel Legends live stream event of 2023, and it was packed with reveals. We have already started covering most of these announcements like a comic-based Spider-Man wave (seen here). On top of that, Hasbro is celebrating the 60th Anniversary of The Avengers, and some Incredible and Mighty Hulk, and Thor figures are also on the way (found here). While Hasbro did not have product pictures to showcase, they did have some in-hand looks at most of these newly announced figures. Some of these figures were some deep-cut Marvel Comics pieces, bringing some iconic storyline stories to life. Up first is a trip all the way back to the 80s with the return to Marvel Comics Secret Wars.

Return to The Era of Secret Wars with Hasbro 

Secret Wars was a Marvel Comics team-up with toy companies to dish out a story bringing some of the best heroes and villains together. It worked really well, and it has been a beloved story ever since and soon we will see it in the MCU. Three impressive Marvel Comics-inspired 2-pack Marvel Legends sets are on the way, and one is from Secret Wars with Doctor Doom and Monica Rambeau. Monica is back in her slick all-white super-suit with her signature "wings" the were specially created for this figure. Doctor Doom, on the other hand, is ready to get his hands dirty with this figure. Both figures capture these characters from Secret Wars, and maybe more sets like this will be arriving on the horizon. No accessories were shown here so expect some surprises in the coming months as more are revealed on these upcoming Legends.

Marvel Legends Captures Avengers #373 Cover Perfectly 

Up next on the Marvel Comics Marvel Legends series of 2-packs takes fans back to some iconic Avengers adventures. Before the Eternals made it to the big screen, they were kicking but in the comics. Their appearances were much different back in the day, and Hasbro is capturing that with this special figure set. Bring the cover of Avengers #373 to life, Sersi and the Black Knight are back and ready to confirm her innocence. Both of these figures are just bleeding 90s deco and designs, that will truly make them shine. That Black Knight figure is just incredible, and his laser sword is just a treat!

Prepare for the Secret Invasion with Marvel Legends

The last Marvel Comics 2-Pack set is a personal favorite as the Secret Invasion arrives at Hasbro. It was not long ago that Hasbro Pulse dished out some Skrull army builder figures, and now some big bads arrive. Super Skull and the Skrull Queen have arrived are just packed with detail and ready to lead your army to victory. The Queen is in her Spider-Woman disguise, and hopefully, a new masked headsculpt with also be included. The Marvel Comics Super Skrull has mimicked plenty of Avengers powers with designs from Black Bolt, Doctor Strange, and Iron Man elements featured in his sculpt. All of these Marvel Legends sets are just well done, and these are only teases, and we have yet to see accessories or swappable parts. Stay Tuned for more news from Hasbro in the coming months, and find all things Marvel Legends here. 

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