Iron Studios Debuts Their Next MCU Shang-Chi Statue with Wenwu

I love how the Ten Rings have stayed prominent inside the MCU since it arrived in Iron Man. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings gave us more inside into who this organization was and who was truly in charge. After all this time, the Mandarin makes his glorious debut in the MCU, and he was a force not to be reckoned with. Sadly his mind fell to corrupt magic due to the loss of his wife, but it was a fun dynamic with the classic son versus father dynamic. Iron Studios wants fans to create this magic as they debut a Wenwu companion piece for their Shang-Chi Statue. 

Wenwu comes in at 8.3" high and is showcased his power-wielding the Ten Rings with blue mystical energy. His design comes from the final battle with Shang-Chi towards the end of the film and it shows a great likeness to actor Tony Leung Chiu Wai. If you are a Mandarin fan then this will be a fun statue to own or showcases the two together for a climactic fight. The Wenwu Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings BDS Art Scale 1/10 from Iron Studios is priced at $159.99. He is set to release in Q2 2023, and pre-orders are live here. 

"The Warrior King, Master Khan, the most dangerous man on Earth, he was known by many names throughout his long life, becoming a legendary and nearly mystic figure. A thousand years ago he found the so-called "Ten Rings", a set composed of ten metal rings of ancient and unknown origin, that gave him unparalleled powers and immortality while also transforming him into a myth to his followers, with only his most trust-worthy men knowing of his existence."

"Wearing his black combat clothes with blue details, he manipulates with unique dexterity his powerful mystic rings, because of centuries of practice as a warrior and conqueror. About to face his greatest rival, his son Shang-Chi, Iron Studios bring the statue of the fearsome "Wenwu BDS – Shang-Chi – Art Scale 1/10", the relentless founding leader and lord of the Ten Rings, a terrorist and criminal organization active since the Middle Ages."

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