Joker Gains the Power of Mythical Orochi with New XM Studios statue

XM Studios continues with their original Batman Samurai designs and this time the Joker has been unleashed. The Joker Orochi statues fuse the madness of the Clown Prince with the mythical eight-headed and eight tailed dragon. The Orochi is placed at the base of the statue while Joker is wearing a uniquely designed samurai armor. Just like the Batman statue, there will be a Version B that will come with a total of 3 head sculpts and multiple right arms that feature multiple poses. This is one highly-detailed statue that any fan of the Shugo Batman statue or of Joker himself will want.

This Joker design is an amazing representation of the combination of western and eastern cultures. The flawless blend of the Joker with the myths and legends of samurai culture is a true wonder. Fans of the cartoon Batman Ninja will not want to miss out on this statue as it features a new design for the Joker but is customizable so fans will have a choice on how they want to display him. The Joker Orochi Statue from XM Studios has three different prices depending on which of the versions you want. The simple version A will be priced at roughly $987 and fans can find him located here. Version B that has extra interchangeable parts is priced at roughly $1096 USD and can be found here. Lastly, there is a Joker and Batman bundle that comes with both deluxe versions and it comes in at roughly $2190 and can be found here.

"The Orochi is an eight-headed and eight-tailed mythical dragon/serpent from Japanese mythology which makes up the intricate and highly detailed base, symbolizing the Joker's character, power and status. With the Orochi rising beneath his feet, surrounding and enfolding around him, The Joker wears an intricate and uniquely designed Jinbaori over his samurai armour. The Jinbaori is a vest with lapels worn by high-ranking samurai as a symbol of their status. The lining of the Jinbaori showcases traditional Japanese inspired detailing. From the open vest, his Munawari Irezumi (Japanese tattoo placed on the torso like an open vest) is also on display. With his amoral leanings, his cunning and unhinged plans, The Joker Orochi is chaos personified."

THE JOKER OROCHI VER B Premium Collectibles statue features:

  • 3 Head sculpts: 1 wearing a Kabuto inspired headgear, 1 Unmasked, 1 Oni inspired mask
  • 4 Right Arms: 1 holding a Wakizashi (a short blade), raised to imply The Joker licking the Wakizashi, 1 holding a Kusarigama (a chain-sickle type weapon) inspired weapon that can cause deadly damage, 1 crowbar (an homage to one of the original Joker's main weapons), 1 holding an ōdachi (large great sword used by Samurai) inspired sword.
  • Collectible Display Plaque of the featured character
  • Crafted from cold-cast porcelain
  • Each painstakingly handcrafted statue is individually hand-painted with the highest possible quality finish
  • Limited edition: MTO (MAX 1,388)


  • Foo Tze Wei
  • Victor Hugo Sousa (Sculpt)
  • XM Studios Design and Development Team

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