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Batwoman Gets a Samurai Upgrade with XM Studios Newest Statue
XM Studios is back at it once again as they take DC Comics fans back to Feudal Japan with their exclusive Batman Samurai Line is expanding once again as Batwoman joins the fight Kate is completely redesigned and features XM Studios' handcrafted design Each of these statues is individually hand-painted and is packed with next[...]
The Riddler Joins XM Studios DC Comics Samurai Series Statue Line
XM Studios has taken the idea of Batman: Ninja to new levels with their impressive and original DC Comics Samurai Statue Series These statues are beautifully crafted by the XM Studios artists going new life to iconic heroes and villains in the Batman landscape A new statue has arrived as The Riddler is back and[...]
Truth and Justice Arrive at XM Studios with New Superman Statue
XM Studios does it again as they take their impressive statues and shrink them down a couple of sizes This time, their talented artists bring Superman to life with this colorful 1/6 scale statue coming in at 22" tall DC Comics fans will recognize the Planet of Apokolips at the feet of the Man of[...]
Supergirl is Back and Makes A Heroic Entrance at XM Studios 
Make way for the Girl of Steel, and Supergirl is making a superhero landing at XM Studios once again The Kryptonian is back as the statue company announces the return of some of their DC Comics statues but in a new 1:6 scale format Not only does this gives collectors s second chance to own[...]
Green Lantern Kyle Rayner is Back with New 1:6 Scale XM Studios Statue 
The popular Green Lantern is back as XM Studios announced he is returning for their new 1:6 scale statue line This new line lowers the price and size of their popular DC Comics statues but does not hold back on the detail The Green Lantern's light comes to life with this gorgeous 16" tall statue[...]
DC Comics Doomsday is Unleashed with New XM Studios Statue 
Metropolis is in trouble as XM Studios has unleashed the power of the unstoppable Doomsday once again XM Studios has announced the return of some truly incredible statues but in 1:6 scale format Not only does this release bring back sold out statues, but they will be limited to only 499 pieces This time, Doomsday[...]
Swamp Thing Rises As XM Studios Debuts New 1:6 DC Comics Statue 
The dark side of DC Comics arises as Swamp Thing is back with a brand new statue from XM Studios XM Studios has announced they will be also releasing a new 1:6 scale statue of the previous 1:4 scale release Not only does this give DC Comics collectors the ability to purchase sold out DC[...]
DC Comics Zatanna Shows Us a Magic Trick with XM Studios 
DC Comics fans rejoice! The hit statue company XM Studios has announced the re-release of some of the iconic comic statues However, unlike the previous $2000-3000 price tag, these statues are a fraction of the price as they come in at a smaller 1:6 scale One of these statues includes the return and magical entrance[...]
Batman: Dark Nights Dawnbreaker Statue Coming Soon from XM Studios 
This created the Dawnbreaker, one of the Batman Who Laughs cabal who went to take on our Earth's Justice League.  XM Studios has revealed that this villain is coming to life with their impressive statue line The 1:4 scale statue is loaded with detail as the Dawnbreaker is displayed on a base filled with some of[...]
Reverse Flash Hunts for The Flash with New XM Studios Statue 
The Flash better watch out as Reverse Flash is not far behind as XM Studios reveals their newest DC Comics statue Coming in at 13" tall, this villain is getting his own statue that is relaxing alongside XM Studios The Flash statue This limited edition statue will be hand-painted and features Eobard Thawne running with[...]
DC Comics Flash Races on in with New XM Studios Statue 
XM Studios brings the Scarlet Speedster to life as they reveal their newest 1/6 Scale Limited Edition Statue Coming in at roughly 12" tall, the Flash is racing into action as he prepares to go toe to toe with Reverse Flash Capturing him in action XM Studios showcases this DC Comics hero with his super-speed[...]
DC Comics Cheetah Receives Feisty New Statue from XM Studios
XM Studios has revealed their newest 1/6 scale statue that is loaded with detail and crafted to perfection The Wonder Woman villain will come with two different head sculpts, allowing collectors to choose between modern and classic versions of the character Standing roughly 12" tall, DC Comics Cheetah is depicted on a jungle base with[...]
SpaceGodzilla Returns to Earth with Pricey $2200 XM Studios Statue
We are taking a trip back to 1994 as an iconic Godzilla villain is back as XM Studios reveals their newest statue SpaceGodzilla is back as this monster from the cosmos wants to take control of Earth for himself The origins of this villain are very unclear, but XM Studios puts that aside to give[...]
Godzilla Prepares to Take on SpaceGodzilla with XM Studios Statue
It looks like one of XM Studios incredible statues slipped under our radar over the holiday season as they revealed a new Godzilla collectible Standing at a massive 27" tall, collectors can bring home the 1994 depiction of the King of the Monsters from the film Godzilla vs SpaceGodzilla Staying true to the original film[...]
DC Comics Red Death is Back with New 1:4 Scale XM Studios Statue
XM Studios is back with yet another statue from the hit comic with the arrival of Red Death Red Death is a Dark Multiverse version of Batman where Bruce Wayne stole the speed from The Flash and ended up fusing with the speedster Barry Aliens consciousness is still there, but on the back burners of[...]
XM Studios Takes to the Streets with New Batman Batcycle Statue
XM Studios keeps sharing some love for DC Comics as they have another DC Fandome reveal with a another 1:4 scale statue Coming out of the hit comic series Batman: Curse of the White Knight, the Caped Crusader takes to the streets with his new Batcycle The White Knight comics come to life with an[...]
Red Hood Joins XM Studios Batman Samurai Statue Line for DC Fandome
XM Studios is kicking off some of the DC Fandoms reveals as they reveal their newest DC Comics statue Coming out of their original Batman Samurai line, Red Hood is taking on the ways of vengeance in Rural Japan with this incredible statue Standing at roughly 20.87 inches tall, Red Hood is shown in a[...]
DC Comics Zatanna Casts a Spell With New XM Studios Studio
XM Studios wants to cast a spell on your growing collection with their newest DC Comics statue The powerful sorcerer Zatanna Zatara is bringing some magic home with this incredible 21" tall statue The DC Comics magician is packed with remarkable detail as well as swappable parts to allow her stage act to come to[...]
DC Comics Scarecrow Embraces Ancient Japan With XM Studios
XM Studios is back with another DC Comics statue as they transport fans back to feudal Japan with a new Batman Samurai release Scarecrow is ready for his close-up as he joins the Samurai Series lineup with an original design from the studio The Batman Samurai line has been refreshing, placing many of Gotham's finest[...]
Green Arrow Shows Off His Archery Skills With XM Studios Statue
XM Studios is back at it as they continue to expand their insane DC Comics Rebirth statue series Oliver Queen is here and ready to take his shot with his new 1:6th scale statue capturing the action of the Green Arrow Standing 16" tall, the statue featuring Green Arrow in an action pose on a[...]
XM Studios Sets Their Sights on Supergirl With New DC Comics Statue
XM Studios has just revealed their newest 1:4 scale DC Comics statue, and Supergirl was their recent choice Standing roughly 20.5 inches tall, this Woman of Steel is displayed on her Krypton pod as she breaks free to take on the world XM Studios has also included not one but two different head sculpts, with[...]
Wonder Woman Faces Her Fears With XM Studios Newest DC Statue
The Queen of the Amazons is coming face to face with her Rogues Gallery as XM Studios reeves their brand new Wonder Woman statue Coming in at a might 27" tall, Wonder Woman is showcased with some of her greatest villains around her in this beautifully sculpted statue Handcrafted and hand-painted, the statue comes with[...]
Swamp Thing Brings The Green XM Studios Newest DC Comics Statue
XM Studios has revealed their newest DC Comics statue as the protector of the green, Swamp Thing, arrives The statue will be a 1:4 scale coming in at roughly 24 inches tall, bringing some mighty size to any collection XM Studios captures Swamp Thing in his natural habitat as he summons the green around him[...]
X-Men’s Psylocke Joins the Fight With New XM Studios Marvel Statue
XM Studios has announced their newest Marvel statue as the powerful psychic ninja Psylocke joins the fight This powerful mutant is a worthy X-Men, and XM Studios captures her power and beauty with their new 1:4 scale statue Hand-painted and hand-sculpted, this beautiful statue will be a must-have collectible for any X-Men fan out there[...]
The Amazing Spider-Man Gets Explosive New XM Studios Statue
Spider-Man is thwiping on into action as Legendary Beast Studios and XM Studios teams up for a spectacular statue Spider-Man is leaping from danger as an explosion detonates in the distance XM Studios captures the agile body of the web-slinger as he springs into action with high amounts of detail There will be two statues[...]
Transformers Rodimus Prime Gets New Mighty Statue From XM Studios
XM Studios is back with another statue that is more than meets the eye as Rodimus Prime is ready to roll out This legendary Transformers character is back standing at roughly 36" tall and is loaded with incredible detail XM Studios captures his iconic G1 cartoon inspired design, and he even comes with swappable parts[...]
Lex Luthor Is Here to Save the Day With New XM Studios Rebirth Statue
XM Studios captures Metropolis's new savior with their newest DC Rebirth statue Standing roughly 13" tall, Lex Luthor poses heroically on a debris-styled base The blue armored super suit is loud, and the symbolic S on his chest really shines The hand-painted statue is detailed to perfection, with all the colors really popping. This DC Comics[...]
The Predator King Reigns Supreme With Newest XM Studios Statue
Bow before the king as XM Studios expands the lore of the Predator franchise with their newest statue Capturing the hierarchy of the Yautja species, their ruler makes his presence known to his subjects This seasoned veteran is the champion of his race and someone you will not want to come into contact with as[...]
Magneto Wants Mutant Freedom With New XM Studios Statue
XM Studios has unveiled their newest Marvel Comics statue that gives us Magneto in all his glory Two versions of the statues are being offered with a standard priced of roughly $1,415, and the deluxe comes in at roughly $1,600 Magneto is sculpted to perfection with great amounts of detail and is even showcased in[...]
Planet Hulk Comes to Life With New XM Studios Marvel Statue
XM Studios has unveiled their newest hand-crafted and hand-painted statue with Gladiator Hulk The 27-inch tall statue can come with two head sculpts, allowing Marvel fans to show off two Planet Hulk versions with Gladiator and King heads The green giant will also have swappable hands with a shield or axe The statue will be[...]