Kingdom Hearts Namine Joins Square Enix Bring Arts

Kingdom Hearts is an excellent video game franchise that combines originality with Final Fantasy and Disney. Just be sure not to ask what the actual plot is because that will drive you into its own specific madness. However, the game has a lot of faithful fans and a beautiful assortment of original characters. One of those characters comes to us from Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories with the appearance of Castle Oblivion and Namine. Namine now comes to the world for action figures as Square Enix reveals their newest Bring Arts figure.

Faithfully recreated from Kingdom Hearst III, this older version of Namine is ready to join your collection. She will stand roughly 5.3" tall and will come with a nice set of swappable parts with face sculpts and hands. Other included Kingdom Hearts accessories with Namine will include her chair, sketchbook, swappable lower body, and a figure stand. Fans can now form their own memories with this lovely figure and she is priced at $99.99. Set to release in December 2022, the Kingdom Hearts III Namine is already up for pre-order right here, and be sure to check out some of the other upcoming KHIII Bring Arts releases.

'Her light gold hair, white dress, and fair-skinned complexion, as well as her innocent and ephemeral atmosphere has been depicted in this figure. Accessories include various expressive hand parts, such as those holding a pen or a sketchbook, and two head parts; it also comes with a chair on which Naminé can sit after exchanging a body part. This package enables a variety of expressions, enabling collectors to recreate a range of scenes from the game."

  • Namine figure
  • 2 Face sculpts
  • 4 Pairs of hands
  • Hand with sketchbook
  • Chair
  • Sitting lower body part
  • Stand

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