Mondo Taking Orders For New Krampus Tiki Mug

Mondo is now taking orders for the most festive tiki mug they have ever put out. The new Krampus blue wash tiki mug will hold about 16 oz. of liquid, no matter what your preferred drink is, and stands around 7 inches tall. The detail work on this one is one of the coolest that Mondo has gotten out there. It is the tongue that makes it for sure. There are only 500 pieces of this Krampus tiki mug available, and tis the season for this to sell out, so check it out below.

Mondo Taking Orders For New Krampus Tiki Mug
Mondo Krampus Tiki Mug

Mondo Krampus Tiki Mug Is One Of Their Best Yet

"Have you been naughty or nice? If you're holding this mug, you already know the answer! Our Tiki Designer Series has hit unholy holiday heights with artist Florian Bertmer's deeply detailed depiction of the anti-Santa himself — Krampus — now available in a chillingly child-eating blue and bone-white glaze. Designed by Florian Bertmer, brought to life by sculptor Matthew Black, and produced with the tipsy little elves at Tiki Farm, Krampus holds approximately 16oz. of holiday joy… and pain! Created by Florian Bertmer, Matthew Black, Tiki Farm."

Do you know what an underrated holiday film is? Krampus! Since its release, it has been so great to see people embrace the Michael Dougherty 2015 film and its ridiculousness. This tiki mug is not based on that film's version of the demon, but maybe they should make one! The third version of Krampus can be the film version. Mondo doesn't need me to tell them that though, they are more than capable of coming up with that on their own. I am just here to help remind you, Mondo. The new tiki mug seen above can be had by clicking here. It will run you $40 and ships a little after the holidays in January.

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