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Let's Take a Look at McFarlane Toys Mortal Kombat Spawn Figure

Spawn fans have to be excited right now. The character recently celebrated reaching the 300 issue milestone with his comic, a new film could be coming soon, and to much fanfare, he has joined the roster of Mortal Kombat 11. I personally have not had a chance to play as Spawn yet, but plan to as soon as possible. The best part of them adding him to the game, is that McFarlane Toys decided to give us a figure version! Our very own Gavin Sheehan obtained this one from the MK 11 Spawn demo in Chicago, and he was nice enough to ship it over to me for this review!

First, the packaging. Cool box art, but overall it is a little plain for my liking this time. I do like how McFarlane is using these giant window boxes to show off their figures and accessories. It has to make MOC collectors happy that is for sure, and Spawn looks menacing all chained up in his plastic prison.

Once out of the package however, you get a good sense of just how much better McFarlane Toys figures have gotten over the last couple years. Even the last Spawn figures severely needed some new figure bucks to make them as dynamic as the character is supposed to be. This one has no such issues. This is probably the best headsculpt on any Spawn figure ever. It looks perfect, and that extends down to his chain belt and tattered cape. This is based on his look form the game of course, so not CLASSIC Spawn, but close. My one complaint is that his legs are a tad too thin. Thankfully it does not affect his posebility.

A lot of that has to do with the toe articulation they have been including on figures as of late. It offers an incredible amount of balance when posing.He holds his broadsword well, and I love the little Spawn logo on the hilt. Everything is full of detail and little winks and nods for fans, and Al just LOOKS menacing standing there. All paint lines are clean, and it is clear that a lot of effort and time was put into the design of Spawn here.

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Any fan of the character needs to get this one. Here is hoping that this leads to even more Spawn figures on the way, including some of his villains and friends. Let's get em all!

You can order one of these for yourself here.

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